Juicy “Daily Apple” Shakes the Tree

Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple blog carries the tagline: “Doing my part to piss off the self-righteous health establishment.” Obviously, he prides himself on stirring the pot — or shaking the tree, as his metaphor would have it.
Among other outspoken claims, Mark recently wrote that diabetes is “a made-up, stupid disease” — called to my attention by one of his assistants (a staff of five helps Mark compile the blog, which exists at least in…

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Come Forth and De-Lurk

Weeeelll, hello.  Somehow I managed to miss national de-lurking week last week (must’ve had my head up my… blog).  So now, a belated invitation for all of you who come here to look but not touch, to please reach out and touch that keyboard! 

Let me know who you are, at least, where you come from, and what’s your connection to The Big D.  That would be diabetes, for any of you newbies.  But if…

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Meanwhile, Back in the Blogosphere…

A few things happened while I was blissfully off-line for a week (gasp!)
The Diabetes OC (Online Community) has been busy, for one.  The results of the 2nd annual Diabetes OC Blog Awards are in.  I am honored to be named “best female blogger” for 2006.  THANK YOU kindly to everyone who voted. 
Top honors this year went to Diabetes Self-Management, a new pro blog from the magazine of same name written by a team…

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Flying Circles

They’re kind of like Frisbees.  But with diabetes awareness benefits. And you can trace their whereabouts all over the globe.
These flying blue circles are part of the Unite for Diabetes campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), which of course just celebrated a great victory in the passing of the first-ever United Nations Resolution on diabetes. 
“Over 245 million people worldwide have diabetes. If nothing is done, this figure will exceed 380 million…

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Diabetes Blog Awards ((Hug))

Today, a brief note of THANKS to all the wonderful people in the Diabetes OC for investing their precious time and effort into blogging, so that we can all share in each other’s experiences.  I wish I had time to keep up on every one of the 140-some-odd D-blogs that now exist.  Whew! 
And a huge hug of Thank You to Allison Blass for creating the OC website, maintaining the bloggers’ roster, and going the…

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