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Some Don’t-Miss “Chronic Bits”

A few items you will definitely want to know about if you read this blog:
* Jenni Prokopy over at ChronicBabe is hosting an essay contest on “the most thoughtful or creative way someone has helped you” with your chronic condition. Five lucky winners will receive copies of Lisa J. Copen’s cool new book, Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend. The contest is open to both Chronic Babes and Chronic Pals,…

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Tagged For Seven

I’m so very late to this meme (Internet game for sharing personal tidbits) that I could barely remember who tagged me.  But then I stumbled on Scott S. again and it all came back to me.   
I’ve been duly “Tagged for Seven,” and if you follow these sort of things, you can see that good ‘ol noncompliant Kassie and I have a lot in common…

SEVEN THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE (not necessarily in…

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Anniversary and a Challenge (Ice Breaker)

I’ve been so busy, I almost forgot to celebrate: the beginning of March marked two full years of DiabetesMine.com. Wow! Aside from the mind-numbing amount of time this diabetic butt has spent in a chair while compiling blog entries, consider the stats:
- 441 posts
- 107 trackbacks
- 161 Bloglines subscribers (just one single subscriber behind TheDiabetesBlog on that one!
- 4 blogging awards (if you count the honorable mention among…

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More New Media + CGM Reimbursement Tips

Some valuable nuggets I unearthed last week:
* Anyone heard of the new print magazine called Diabetes Explorer?  It’s a bright, colorful 6x/year glossy that focuses on “brief, useful ‘hands-on’ articles,” editor Kathy Spain tells me.  Looks pretty neat, although I was surprised to learn that anyone’s launching a new paper-based publication in this increasingly digital age.
Thus, you won’t find the magazine content there, but you can subscribe or order individiual copies on the…

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