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NaBloPoMo, A “Giving Mall,” and More Ways to Follow This Blog

A few indispensable updates:
* I haven’t said much about NaBloPoMo, but am quietly applauding everyone involved! What a coinkidink actually that November is BOTH National Diabetes Awareness Month and National Blog Posting Month, in which all good bloggers are challenged to post something to their blogs every single day of the month. OK, I’m only 95% on board, since I take weekends off. Hell, I’ve been posting every single weekday for nearly three years.…

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Look Who’s Blogging

Two new blogs you’ll want to know about:
* The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) has launched a blog (!) at its new Side by Side website. The co-authors are three bubbly CDEs: Barbara Walz, from San Antonio, Texas; Molly Rodriguez, also from Texas, grandmother of four; and Sharlene Emerson, of Western Pennsylvania Hospital.
Happy to see that I’m on the blogroll, along with the Diabetes OC site and a handful of our other…

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The Future Of (Is) Health on the Net

It felt like the early days of the Internet, when a bunch of seemingly delirious companies were all hyped up about something called “eCommerce” — the then-stunning concept that people might actually conduct end-to-end shopping transactions on the Net, from browsing products to paying and delivery. Who would’ve thought?
So if some of the new stuff debuted at yesterday’s forward-looking Health 2.0 conference sounds dubious to you now, take a deep breath and keep an…

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A Blog Lost… While Diabetes Thrives?!

For a few years now, my husband’s been saying that AOL is where good services go to die.
Did you catch this veiled announcement last week that TheDiabetesBlog.com would be shut down by owner AOL on Sept. 14, 2007, ostensibly for “not being consumer-oriented enough.” WtF?!
AOL inherited TheDiabetesBlog as part of its 2005 acquisition of Weblogs Inc. Now it looks like AOL is killing off a majority of the existing Weblogs Inc. blogs, with…

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Got Ethics?

Have you spotted these icons yet?

What they represent is another solid answer to the burning question, “How do you know whether a health/medical blog is credible”?
There is of course the HONCode for policing the reliability of medical and scientific sites on the Net, and also Trusted.MD’s new HealthTrain Manifesto, a sort of online community petition for a new “integrity standard” among healthcare bloggers.
But Rob Lamberts, MD, who practices internal medicine and pediatrics…

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