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Why Blogs Are Special

So I had my first D-type “speaking engagement” at a local support group last week. Up there clicking around on the wall-projected web, trying to explain Web logs to a bunch of PWDs who barely use computers. Most of them never used the Internet to look for diabetes stuff at all. *Gasp!* Such an incredible resource…
“So this blog thing, it’s a web site?”
“Well, yes, but a special kind of web site.”
“Special? …”…

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Better Than Internet Dating

Not that I’ve ever tried it, but now I’m actually starting to appreciate the potential of Internet dating. The last few nights in Boston I met — in real and actual person — several of my favorite online D-community contacts, who turned out not only to be verifiably safe and sane, but also amazingly fun and interesting!
First off, Kerri Morrone of SixUntilMe is just as adorable as she sounds. Hard to believe that she’s…

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Tagged Again – Four Things

Ooh, I’ve been tagged again in yet another “random facts about bloggers” game. This one calls for specific personal tidbits in groups of four — which hopefully will not provoke the dreaded Web surfer foursome of yawn-stretch-blink-clickaway
Four jobs Iā€™ve had in my life:
McDonalds (who hasn’t?)
Waitress at Hof’s Hut
Asst. Editor for R&R Magazine (the military one, God bless its soul)
Marketing Manager for Sun Microsystems High Performance Computing Solutions (was that a…

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And the OC Explodes…

I guess I was right about blogs being tailor made for the diabetes community. Boy was I right! Everyone I come in contact with seems to be starting a new D-Blog (very flattering, I might add.)

On Sunday I got an email from David Kliff of Diabetes Investor, whom I met with and profiled recently — and who has just now launched his own blog, DiabetesRealWorld. David writes me: “I feel that I can learn…

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Shameless Plug, and Why the OC Matters

So I struggled with my conscience for several days over whether to do the “vote for me” post. That is, nominations are in for the first annual Diabetes Blog Choice Awards — organized by our own energetic Allison Blass, thank you! — and I am moved to find I’m nominated in five different categories.
There is no money, and no tangible prizes involved. But simply being nominated so many times is just about the coolest…

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