What if I Didn’t Inhale?

Powder form? Are they kidding me? Am I the only one mystified by the concept of new inhalable insulin? How the heck does dosing work?

Exubera. Sounds fun, ay? Apparently one inhales it before meals using a device which I’m assuming looks like an asthma inhaler. So how much is a unit, I wonder? And how can the inhaler set unit dosages precise enough for insulin-sensitive folks like me, who respond to half-units of the…

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FDA Approval: Good, Bad, or Just Ugly?

Hold on a moment: I’m donning my kid gloves to touch this one –- perhaps the most contentious issue in American medicine right now. The battle rages in the Senate as I write.
Is the FDA too fast or too slow to approve new drugs? Is their approval meaningful, or just a result of the strong arm of big pharma business and pork-barrel politics? Most importantly, how do I know the drugs my endocrinologist is…

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Medical Zeitgeist

I am not on the pump. I get pretty good control with shots, so far. But my abdomen, until recently, looked like a battlefield. This is why we need those professional Diabetes Educators, who gave me some wonderful tips that ought to have been obvious.
First, stop jabbing the needle any old place, and come up with a pattern for different days of the week –- I call it the “belly-go-round” –- so you’re not…

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Universal Health Care: Is It Good for Us?

The push for universal health care is mostly about covering uninsured citizens, but what I wanted to know was: What would it mean for us diabetics and others with chronic diseases who depend so acutely on the system?
Background: In California, Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D- Los Angeles) just announced the California Health Insurance Reliability Act, her third stab at pushing a universal-care bill through the Legislature. This calls for a single-payer system like in Canada,…

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