Conference Wrap-Up

I’m back home now (you knew that!), up to my eyeballs in the end of school/start of summer camp mayhem, and am also coming to an end of the immediate observations drawn from my trip to the recent ADA Conference. A very enriching experience: I met such fabulous people! Including Dr. Bill Quick and his wife Steph of DiabetesMonitor, who are the sweetest and most knowledeable pair a diabetic could ever hope to meet. And…

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Technical Upgrade Complete

Hello Again — looks like the technical tweak was a success here! Which means:
All posts are now permalinked under the URL
In case you had linked to the original Typepad URL, it is officially changed to (WITHOUT THE UNDERSCORE in my name), so you’ll want to update, preferably to the main URL above.
Images are back, too, right? Now just let me know if anything looks weird. Thanks folks!…

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Closing the Loop

One of the terms most-oft overheard at the recent ADA Conference was the “closed-loop system” for diabetes: when will we have it? is it really viable?
For those unfamiliar with the term (as I was, novice that I am!), “closed-loop” means a device that combines continuous blood glucose sensing and insulin delivery. Mimicking the function of the human pancreas, the “closed loop” system would monitor glucose levels and, in response, deliver an appropriate amount of…

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The Case of the Pump Case

The Deltec people (henceforth to be known under the name of their parent company, Smiths Medical), who make the highly appealing CozMore pump/monitoring system, hosted a series of intimate dinners at the ADA Conference last weekend to present a “state of the technology” address to their valued contacts. I was lucky enough to attend one. (What? I’m a prime prospect for them!)
The conversation quickly turned to the less-than-stellar Cozmo pump case. “Yeah, we really…

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Breaking Ground with “The Self-Managed Disease”

(Sort of an addendum to my last post)
With the shifting focus to official recognition that successful diabetes management lies in the hands of the patient rather than the medical provider, there’s a whole lot of flurry of late about “behavioral issues.”
The guru of diabetes behavior is of course Dr.
William Polonsky, author of Diabetes Burnout and founder of the new Behavioral Diabetes
Institute (and also a really nice guy!)

Between moderating panel sessions…

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