A Word (or Two) on Eating Diabetic

You can always spot me at a party: I’m the lady hovering at the edge of the buffet table, muttering to herself as she counts and recounts the strawberries on her plate; I’m the one clutching her purse maniacally when the host says, “you can put your stuff in here” –- cause I’m too paranoid to be separated from my monitor, pen, and glucose tabs, ever; if dinner gets delayed, I’m the one looking peevish…

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Bush Stem Cell Veto Sucks

No intention of “going political” here on my chatty diabetes blog, but in the name of Diabetes Advocacy, I can’t let this one pass! President Bush has threatened to veto a bill expanding public funding for embryonic stem cell research. Existing stem cells lines are simply not sufficient to take this revolutionary research to the next level — which is very likely a place where CURES to many degenerative diseases like diabetes will be created.…

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Too Pretty to Save My Life?

Diabetes Anniversary Present to self: a beee-uuutiful new medical alert bracelet from The Beadin’ Beagle that will “alert the medics without alerting the fashion police.” But will it?!

Take a look. (Nice, ay?)
But could it be too pretty? Should I pass out in an accident, would any paramedic (or anybody else) think to examine those charming multi-colored beads on my arm for evidence that I may suffer from a life-threatening disease? Considering that the…

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an incredible feeling to be sitting in a lecture hall packed with several
hundred people who are ALL diabetic -– save for a few poor non-effected
souls. I learned so much at UC San
Francisco’s Diabetes Patient Symposium this weekend (!), I could blog about the
content of this event alone for weeks! For now, I will try to give an
overview of the biggest “wow’s” and take-aways.
a preface: Nick asks me…

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Two-Year Anniversary

Today marks two years ago that a pasty woman doctor with scraggly hair made a mock motion of anointing me with holy water in my hospital bed as she declared, “you are now a Diabetic.” She was trying to make light of the situation, of course, but I was horrified.
After a night of being re-hydrated via IV, and woken every 20 minutes for a vital-signs check, plus every 2 hours for insulin shots, I’d…

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