Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 1

I got this email a few days ago that knocked my socks off. It is one of those eye-popping examples of the killer diabetes experiences many of us have lived through or heard about. I just now received permission to post it anonymously — in its entirety — which the author says would be very cathartic. Talk about your “Something Clicked” experiences! Here goes:

I wanted to take a moment to thank
you from…

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Survey Says… Informative, Chipper

OK, folks, here’s my informal analysis of my very informal reader survey conducted on Diabetes Blog Day last week:

N = 26* (so far) — 17 Type 1s, 5 Type 2s, 3 parents of Type 1s and one “other” (a med student studying to become an endocrinologist!)

Why do you visit this blog? Most said I’m funny and informative. Hooray! Diabetes has not impaired my ability to conduct research and be sarcastic about it. The…

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Over the weekend I had a chance to meet with Insulet Corp. execs Jeff Smith and Rob Campbell (everyone’s in town, remember?)
We had a long talk about the functionality of their exciting new OmniPod tubeless pump and its current market status. The deal is that the OmniPod is — theoretically — available to patients now, but the company is still building out the infrastructure to actually support users around the country. Unlike other gadgets…

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“Something Clicked” Study (Not Peddling Twinkies)

Last night I met with author and diabetes psychology expert Dr. William Polonsky and learned about a new project he’s developing that might be the very first study ever focusing on some Good News about diabetes and motivation. But before I dive in, let me reach out and give you all a Giant Virtual Hug for your fabulous feedback on my D-Blog Day post! I am totally blown away at the thought of all you…

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Talk to Me on D-Blog Day

Gina and the gang over at DiabetesTalkfest have dubbed today, Nov. 9, as official D-Blog Day. How wonderful to have a “holiday” for all of us blogging our little hearts out about our constant companion and perpetual albatross, Diabetes. Of course, we’re all doing our best to always look on the bright side of life … ja?
I figure some 20-30 new diabetes blogs have appeared on the scene since I started my gig here.…

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