Confounded Statistics

Quote of the month: a lack of specific diabetes data “really does hamper us on a national level — for knowing who’s got what and where. We don’t know where to put our energies. How do you base policy on only the vaguest of data?” — Matt Petersen, director of information for the American Diabetes Association.
Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not the ADA’s fault. I’ve been researching LADA or Type 1.5 or whatever…

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And the OC Explodes…

I guess I was right about blogs being tailor made for the diabetes community. Boy was I right! Everyone I come in contact with seems to be starting a new D-Blog (very flattering, I might add.)

On Sunday I got an email from David Kliff of Diabetes Investor, whom I met with and profiled recently — and who has just now launched his own blog, DiabetesRealWorld. David writes me: “I feel that I can learn…

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Inhaled Insulin Approved by the FDA: Speaking for the OC?

A Los Angeles Times reporter contacted me yesterday for “patient feedback” on FDA approval of Exubera. That’s the inhaled insulin product jointly developed by Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis and recently purchased by Pfizer for $1.3 Billion.
This is not the first time a reporter has found me, yet I’m still surprised to find myself a sort of default spokesperson for the OC, and I do hope I will do the community justice.
But in this case,…

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Diabetes Quizzing

So ya think that just because you take your meds and count your carbs and visit your endo that you know something, do ya? Well now, I’ve discovered there are plenty of online quizzes to put that theory to the test.
Start at the Online Quiz Center. I tried my hand at diabetic neuropathy, and discovered that the cause for this “family of nerve disorders” is “unknown.” Hmmph.
On the lighter side, try the Accu-Check…

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Giggles for Diabetes, As Directed

I’ve written about this before, but can never resist additional evidence that laughter is the best medicine.
This time a researcher from the Foundation for the Advancement of International Science actually tested the hypothesis on people with diabetes — to see whether laughter could influence blood glucose level. On one day he took 19 diabetes patients to “a monotonous lecture (40 minutes) without humorous content.” The next day he took them to a 40-minute comedy…

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