Greetings, Diabetic Celiacs

Somehow the word has spread accross the Web that I am not only diabetic, but gluten-intolerant as well. I’ve noticed that a number of my online gluten-free friends (see new list in left-hand column, below) have linked back to me, as some kind of resource, I suppose. What can I actually offer on this topic?
For those of you unfamiliar with this disorder, let me start by explaining that it is, in many ways, harder…

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AACE for Dummies

So the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) held their annual meeting this week(end) in Chicago — while I was off galavanting around Palm Springs for my 15th wedding anniversary, empirically testing the insulin-carb ratio for Pina Coladas (results indicate ca. 60 carbs, N=1).
Anyway, whenever these big meaningful diabetes conferences roll around, I do try to cut through the hype to put my finger on what all the news really means to us average…

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ProBiotic Yogurt and Such

From the Who-Knew? File:
Here I’ve been scoffing at these yogurt companies for pitching me on reviewing their products that are supposedly oh-so-good for people with diabetes (sneer). But now I discover that there really is such thing as a “super-yogurt culture” used to treat everything from diabetes to diarrhea — that’s starting to show up in lots of products on ordinary supermarket shelves.

these “probiotic
products” (mostly dairy foods and dietary supplements) contain…

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The Secrets of Living and Loving with Diabetes

Considering the provocative title, you’d think I would have gotten around to reading this book ages ago! But instead, it sat on my shelf winking at me for far too long. Now that I have finally opened it, this book has opened my mind to yet another “secret chamber” of diabetes concerns that so many of us struggle with alone: relationships and sex. ‘Cause all the stuff we have to do to care for this…

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Are We Done Yet? (Venting the Silent Screams)

Last night I had an Epiphany: I am tired of thinking about diabetes.
Alas, what a useless revelation! Because pending a cure, I will, of course, need to keep thinking about this disease at least every few hours for the rest of my life (Silent Scream…)
Epiphany Part II: I refuse to feel sorry for myself. But a little venting now and then is a healthy thing, I think.
So here’s my Top Five List…

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