THANK YOU + Kerri Morrone Sweeps the Diabetes Blog Awards

Kerri Morrone of SixUntilMe and I have tied for the title of “Best Diabetes Blog” in the First Annual OC Awards announced last night. Thank you all!

(Apologies that I dropped out of the awards ceremony early on; my Internet connection was acting up, while I had a house full of hungry guests and screaming kids…)
Anyway, kudos to the poetic Kerri for sweeping the awards, also winning the titles of “Best Adult with Type…

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Amylin’s Colorful CEO, and AOL’s Stake in Diabetes Blogging

From the “Did You Know?” file, two fascinating news items to ponder:
1) Ginger Graham, the fiery readheaded CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (makers of Symlin and Byetta), is a former rodeo star! OK, maybe not a star, but the new January ’06 issue of Business Week features a photo of her roping a goat. She’s also a former exec of insulin makers Eli Lilly & Co., and in 1987, brokered the sale of Elizabeth…

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Happy New Year!

Happy, happy 2006, All. A new year is always time for new resolve. Lots of us PWDs are surely vowing to check our BG more often, count carbs more precisely, and correct more vigorously. *Sigh* Meanwhile, I’ve been toying with my overarching resolution; last year I committed to “Enjoying Life,” and that’s a hard act to follow.
What I actually want from myself is to Be Calm and Be Kind (to myself as much as…

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Introducing Oculir: Glucose Readings from the Whites of Your Eyes!

One probing post seems to beget another. Following my recent update on DexCom, I received an email from the man who started that company (!) in 1999, John Burd. He is now CEO of a San Diego startup called Oculir, Inc., developing a futuristic yet hugely exciting new technology for non-invasive glucose testing using infrared (IR) technology to scan your eyes. YOUR EYES!!
The product will be a device about the size of a cell…

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Second Half of the DCCT: More Great News for Type 1s

Once again, the landmark Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) has proven what we kinda-sorta pretty much thought we knew about strict control of blood sugar — that it makes a HUGE difference, cuts the risk of developing diabetes complications, and can indeed add years, if not DECADES, to your life!
The newest research, published in the Dec. 22 New England Journal of Medicine, is again being called “a landmark study” confirming that strict glucose…

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