Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 8: Holy Insensitivity!

I usually like to tell the cheerful stories.  But the fact is, sometimes bad things happen to people because they have diabetes (or other chronic diseases; see yesterday’s Forbes article Your Job or Your Life).  So while I’m on a roll here addressing the downer side of life, allow me to share one reader’s not-so-happy story (originally submitted as a counterpoint to the Diabetic Partner Follies):
Hi Amy,
I don’t have a partner now, but…

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Fascinating Fast Facts on Control and Eating (Oy Vey)

Life today is a multitasking, multisensory barrage. If you’re only doing one thing at a time, you’re probably bored — Kate Muhl, Iconoculture

Between 60 and 90% of all medical office visits in the United States are for stress-related disorders — Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University

Americans regularly engage in unhealthy behaviors to manage stress — American
Psychological Association 2.06

“Drug addiction is so often talked about as a disease of our youth, but…

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Remote Control Diabetes? Not

Maybe I’m just too cynical (surprise, surprise), but I’m having a hard time swallowing the buzz about all the new wireless monitoring devices for diabetes. And I’m NOT talking about continuous glucose monitors (CGMS) this time, but rather the rash of new products that will transmit your blood glucose results to your doctor, nurse or educator via wireless computer technology.
Renowned patient-expert David Mendosa gives a great overview in a recent blog post. He introduces…

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Hello, Mr. Thyroid

Like many of you, I got Thyroid Disease along with the diabetes (it was one of my free gifts).  I got HYPO-thyroidism, in fact, the kind that makes your gland sluggish and supposedly makes you gain weight.  My doctor gave me pills, which I take every morning a half-hour before breakfast.  But since the diabetes is so much more intense, I doubt I’ve spent more than 45 seconds thinking about my thyroid since diagnosis.  So…

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Why Schizophrenia is Related to Diabetes

Check! Get up and check your blood glucose.
But I’m so comfy here under the covers.
You’re soaring! You know you are.  And now 8 hours in bed. You want THAT on your A1c?
But I was low! I was at 72 last time I checked.
Yes, but that was 2 hours ago, and you ate all that chocolate. You think that stuff ‘s just gonna ‘absorb’?
Bugger off.
Six chocolate kisses and a Kitkat…

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