Olympic Dreams and Diabetes: Kris Freeman Speaks Out

Editor’s Note: Have you tried cross-country skiing? It ain’t for the faint-of-heart, even if you don’t have a chronic disease…
Kris Freeman, 26, is the number one cross-country skier in America and the only 2006 Winter Olympian to compete with Type 1 diabetes. He’s currently training for the 2010 Games in Vancouver, where he’s poised to be the first American since 1976 to earn a medal in cross-country skiing — a sport typically dominated by…

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Flu Shot Smarts

If you are over 65, have diabetes, lung disease, or heart disease you should get one.  Also, if you’re pregnant, a healthcare worker, are aged 6 months to 4 years or if you’re around high-risk people a lot you should get one. Or if you just don’t want to miss work and feel bad, it still may be a good idea to get one.
I’ve known all this for years.  And yet for the last…

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Pssst — Diabetes Cures for Cheap! (Gotcha!!)

Looking for an “all-natural” diabetes cure-all?  Then click here for Glucobate.
Glucobate’s a phony ad for a phony product created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to alert consumers to the dangers of diabetes treatment scams on the Internet. 
That’s how BIG diabetes Internet scams have become — to the point where the FTC and the FDA are collaborating to such lengths as producing a bait-and-switch ad campaign in the US, Mexico, and Canada…

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What Aggravates You Most?

Here’s something highly appropriate for your Monday: an in-depth look at the “Top 10 Patient Gripes” of diabetes patients around the country — a feature article researched and written by Yours Truly.

The article is presented in the October issue of Diabetes Health magazine and is also available online now HERE.
So only 10 gripes, you ask?  Is that all?!  Heck, I had to stop somewhere. 
Now wouldn’t you like to know what topped the…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 8: Holy Insensitivity!

I usually like to tell the cheerful stories.  But the fact is, sometimes bad things happen to people because they have diabetes (or other chronic diseases; see yesterday’s Forbes article Your Job or Your Life).  So while I’m on a roll here addressing the downer side of life, allow me to share one reader’s not-so-happy story (originally submitted as a counterpoint to the Diabetic Partner Follies):
Hi Amy,
I don’t have a partner now, but…

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