Sweet Fire, the Nutrition Crash Course

I have what I’d call a vaguely informed idea of the nitty-gritty of nutrition, i.e. how the body converts carbs into energy, uses protein to build and repair tissue, and flushes out fiber.  You know, all that stuff…  But over time, my vague knowledge seems to get more and more vague if I don’t brush up a bit.
So a few months ago — at a very yuppie campground here in N. Cal (the kind…

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Incredible Edible Book Offer

Let me start by saying that yesterday was just the Best Blogging Day Ever!  I should have de-lurked you all ages ago.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments!!
Now, just in case you had the slightest interest in purchasing our new book (~grin~), please check out the nifty new “Order Now” button in the left-hand margin here.  That’s right, get your very own copy PLUS a free trial pack of ExtendBars right here, right…

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Come Forth and De-Lurk

Weeeelll, hello.  Somehow I managed to miss national de-lurking week last week (must’ve had my head up my… blog).  So now, a belated invitation for all of you who come here to look but not touch, to please reach out and touch that keyboard! 

Let me know who you are, at least, where you come from, and what’s your connection to The Big D.  That would be diabetes, for any of you newbies.  But if…

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Followup with a Real, Live Exubera User

Editor’s Note: Oooh, this post is so TIMELY, in light of the fact that the LA Times ran a front-of-the-business-section story on widespread doubts about inhaled insulin this weekend.  Our gal feels differently. Read on.
Back in October, spoke with Jennifer Haws of Des Moines, IA, pioneer in the use of new inhaled insulin from Pfizer.  I made her promise that she’d give us an update after three months, so we could discover if…

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The Lady Who Saved Her Own Life

When people find out they have diabetes, they sometimes do crazy things.  As we’ve discussed recently, lots of people go into denial mode and do nothing, which is what turns this disease into a death sentence over time, sadly.  Then there are the few who stand up and fight right away.
Denise Armstrong, a 52-year-old secretary from Mount Carmel, Illinois, was recently featured in Reader’s Digest in a story called “How I Saved My Own…

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