Tagged For Seven

I’m so very late to this meme (Internet game for sharing personal tidbits) that I could barely remember who tagged me.  But then I stumbled on Scott S. again and it all came back to me.   
I’ve been duly “Tagged for Seven,” and if you follow these sort of things, you can see that good ‘ol noncompliant Kassie and I have a lot in common…

SEVEN THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE (not necessarily in…

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American Diabetes Alert Day: Read My Flag

Today, March 27th, 2007, is designated by the ADA as American Diabetes Alert Day.  According to the literature, they are “sounding the alert to the 60 million Americans who are unaware they have diabetes or are at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes” — which is a very important thing to do, given all those scary statistics:
- ca. 7% of the US population affected (20.8 million people)
- leading cause of new cases of…

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So… It’s officially been 5 weeks since I started on the OmniPod, and I finally tried it on my arm.  Armed.  Banded.  Armbanded.  Weird.
Already, I was so accustomed to wearing that box on my stomach that I startle each time I notice my empty abdomen: Where-oh-where has my pump gone?  Have I lost it?  Ah no, the shoulder. That’s right.  It did feel a little achy back there when I wasn’t looking.
Actually, the…

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