DiabetesHealth TV (!)

DiabetesHealth magazine has launched its online makeover… and guess what?  It looks a lot more like a blog now than just another print publication that’s putting its stuff up on the web.
And guess what else?  Editor Scott King and his crew — including brand new Managing Editor Linda von Wartburg — have organized their series of video interviews into a nice, clean, comprehensive collection called (the new & improved) DiabetesHealth TV.
And guess what…

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Pump Talk with Virginia Valentine

Virginia Valentine is a veteran nurse and CDE (certified diabetes educator) who’s established herself as a prime source of information on all things related to insulin pumping.  (I’ve always thought she had one of the most interesting names in the industry, btw; the first time I met her she was decked out in all-red.)
She’s served on the board of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and chairs the Advanced Practice Specialty Practice Group…

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BrandWeek Bashes Exubera

Ouch, Pfizer is getting hit hard on what appears to be the impending commercial failure of Exubera, the first-ever market-ready inhalable insulin. On Monday, BrandWeek (the marketing industry’s premiere weekly publication) called it the “Billion-Dollar Bong“:
“Last year, Pfizer paid Sanofi-Aventis $1.4 billion for Exubera, a new inhaled insulin product for diabetics that Pfizer forecast would produce $2 billion in sales every year.
“What Pfizer got for its cash was a device that looks a…

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