New Animas “Performance Pump”

Animas, for one, claims that it’s listening hard to what users want in an insulin pump.  When the company launched its new Animas 2020 “performance” insulin pump a few weeks ago, they sure went gangbusters on the testimonials, that’s for sure. Check out the product website, featuring a whole lot of streaming video of both patients and company insiders talking about the benefits of pumping, and their rugged new design. (Of course, “rugged” may not…

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Silent But Deadly

Note from a reader named Alexandra a few weeks back (links added by me):
Dear Amy,

Silent heart attacks seem to be in a zone of silence — not nearly enough people know about this in relation to diabetes.
Diabetics have an especially high rate of these painless heart attacks. They may end up with severely damaged hearts and in heart failure without knowing it.  Pre-diabetics may be at risk as well.
I have a…

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A Closer Look at Medtronic’s New MiniLink — and Beyond

OK, I’ll admit, I was a little confused about Medtronic’s recent announcements: a new Guardian RT continuous monitor?  A pediatric version?  And a pretty unobtrusive-looking MiniLink transmitter?  But was that a new component, or something sold separately?  And what about the people already using the product, with that dongle-thing attached?   
Not one to settle for confusion, I have chased down a senior PR manager over there, Steve Sabicer, and gotten the skinny (he, he):


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