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Welcome!  This site was created by and for patients as a “diabetes newspaper with a personal twist.”

Our Mission
We offer a unique mix of news, views, reviews, guest posts, interviews, videos, cartoons, Q&A and any other type of quality content useful for people touched by diabetes.

We provide a strong voice of patient/consumer advocacy for the diabetes community.

We aim to improve life with diabetes by acting as a catalyst for innovation.

Learn a little, laugh a little, at DiabetesMine.com.

Who are we?

Founder and Editor Amy Tenderich
Inquisitive, perhaps-just-a-tad overly analytical PWD based in San Francisco, CA. Diagnosed with Type 1 in May 2003. BA in Journalism, MA in Communication Studies. After living overseas and many years of PR/marketing work for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, became a freelance writer and consultant in the health and diabetes industries (and full-time mom). Co-author of the patient guidebook, Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes and founder of the DiabetesMine Design Challenge. Now a well-known ePatient advocate and frequent speaker at diabetes and health / social media events. Enjoys reading, cooking, aerobics, hiking, swimming, wine, weekend getaways, and spending time with her three spirited daughters. Her standing New Year’s Resolution since diagnosis: Enjoy Life.

(See Amy’s bio page here)

Managing Editor Mike Hoskins
Diagnosed with type 1 at age 5 back in 1984, Mike’s the son of a type 1 mom who was diagnosed at the same young age in 1958. He’s been an insulin pumper since his final year of college in 2001, graduating not only from two shots a day but also with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oakland University. A writer for most of his life, journalism has been a focus since middle school and has taken Mike to a variety of weekly, daily and specialty newspapers. Migrated in January 2004 from the Detroit, MI, suburbs to the Indianapolis, IN, area where he worked at a statewide legal newspaper for six years, just before finding the Diabetes Online Community and re-energizing his own local advocacy and personal diabetes writing style. Loves spending time with his wife Suzi and their black lab Riley, while also indulging his history buff tendencies and exploring family ancestry in his free time.

Columnist / Correspondent William “Lee” Dubois
Diagnosed as an adult with type 1 in 2004. Employed as Diabetes Coordinator for the Pecos Valley Medical Center in New Mexico. One of the first 30 people ever to use Medtronic’s Guardian continuous glucose monitoring system. Now rocks a DexCom and a Cozmo insulin pump. Author of three books on diabetes, including Taming The Tiger and Beyond Fingersticks. Lives in Las Vegas, New Mexico, with his wife and son, and one too many cats.



Guest Bloggers
We love them — but they are by invitation only. Want to be one? Contact us with information about your background and post ideas here.

Here’s Why
Message from the editor on why this site came to be:

“I think I can, I think I can… I know I can, I know I can… learn to count the carb content of everything that passes my lips; carry monitor, glucose tabs, insulin pump/pen and needles at all times; learn to inject myself throughout the day; navigate the American healthcare system; and ward off the feeling that I’m somehow being punished. We all can. I’ve learned a ton since my diagnosis in 2003. With diabetes, you really do learn something new every day.

So I started this blog to connect with others, to offset the feeling of isolation with diabetes, and to sort out and share some of what I was learning. It is my ‘gold mine of informational nuggets,’ if you will…

Here are a handful of our favorite posts from over the years. We invite you to get to know us by reading these “classics”:

Don’t Be Shy Please Comment! We may not agree with you, but we DO appreciate the fact that you are talking back to us. (Oh, and remember: Nothing here qualifies as certified medical advice. Kapeesh?! :) )

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