Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump – Review

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The Tandem t:slim pump is reviewed by type 1 D-blogger and insurance agent Sarah Kaye — and gives it high marks, despite a slow site change process.



  • touch screen makes it easier to use
  • personal profiles rather than multiple menu settings
  • 300-unit cartridge despite small size
  • micro-delivery safety feature
  • has a rechargeable battery, so no need to change out batteries
  • software is PC or Mac compatible
  • pump is watertight
  • screen-timeout has memory
  • the carb calculator is located right in the bolus menu
  • IOB (Insulin on Board) is viewable directly on the lock screen and front menu


  • lots of confirmation screens can be a hassle
  • time to prime takes quite a bit longer than other pumps
  • cartridge and connector design tends to cause bubbles and they can be difficult to prime out
  • only approved for Humalog and Novolog insulins, not Apidra

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3 Responses

  1. Susan
    Susan September 3, 2014 at 12:29 pm | | Reply

    Good luck actually obtaining one. We have been calling for a week attempting to get someone to call us back, finally contacted customer service who quickly placed us over to a v/m with someone who was covering for the person we needed to actually speak with, who is out on vacation. We need a pump ASAP and cannot get a live body to deal with. I think there is one person in the whole company who can actually connect with your insurance company and make this happen!

  2. Jillian Tyre
    Jillian Tyre September 5, 2014 at 9:04 am | | Reply

    Susan – please keep me posted. I was just about to call the rep for my area and ask him to get the ball rolling. I will not go with a company that is lacking customer support! Thanks for your review!

    1. Donnica
      Donnica September 17, 2014 at 9:21 pm | | Reply

      I actually am in the process of taking the tslim for a test drive and while I was at the Joslin Diabetes Center, THE CDE called the rep and they came immediately and showed me the pump basics and set me up to test it. I am testing 3 pumps and found so far that there customer service to be very focused and prompt. Not sure what was going on in your area, but I do know that all reps for all companies have territories so depending on where you live that rep may be the only one…no excuse but just a thought.

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