OmniPod Insulin Pump – Review

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Greg Nickleski isn’t the biggest fan of needles and pricks — so he discusses why he uses the new, slimmer OmniPod insulin pump.



  • tubeless and wireless — no need for long plastic tubing
  • patch-style attachment allows discreet wearing (can hide the pump)
  • PDM (controller unit) has a built-in fingerstick meter, so it cuts down on the diabetes devices the user needs to carry around
  • the Pod (insulin unit) is waterproof up to 25 feet, so even good for snorkelers or scuba divers
  • PDM provides precise doses down to .25 units


  • Pod only holds a max of 200 units of insulin
  • once removed, the Pods must be discarded and replaced

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  1. Tina Linder
    Tina Linder August 10, 2014 at 5:02 am | | Reply

    Hey everybody,i had my omnipod now for over 2years,I LOOVE IT,ITS SO SMALL AND EASY MANAGING,will never change insulinpump,I have the pod on my arm or tigh..

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