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  1. Allison
    Allison July 11, 2014 at 8:45 am | | Reply

    It is frustrating when I get online and see people posting their A1cs like medals – although it really is great when people can manage their bodies well enough to get a low/”normal” result, I can’t do it. I’ve been doing the diabetes thing (type 1) for nearly 20 years and have been under 7 ONCE. I don’t really have any complications and am so thankful for that, but I find it so hard not to compare apples to apples when we talk A1cs. We are all so different, even with this same disease…

  2. pegleggreg
    pegleggreg July 11, 2014 at 10:37 am | | Reply

    great post. very true

  3. riva
    riva July 11, 2014 at 11:05 am | | Reply

    Renza, this is one of the most thoughtful and insightful posts I’ve read. Too true an A1C is just an average; you can have lots of 50s and 250s and maintain 7%. Just like the people whose A1C we’re looking at, the back-story is as important as the front.

  4. Takkai
    Takkai July 11, 2014 at 1:02 pm | | Reply

    But an A1C is only one test and why (my doctor at least) expects me to test myself at least once a week. She’s not real interested in what my numbers have been and expects that if I find my numbers going haywire or climbing up real fast (or plummeting I suspect although that has never happened yet), I’ll bring the changes to her to find out if there’s something I’m doing wrong suddenly or if there’s something I can do to help myself. Diabetes is very much a self service condition. From doing the finger prick thing, I know my fasting number is always high (for me, low for almost any other diabetic); my post prandial number is almost always normal. I can’t control what my fasting number is; that’s totally what my body does when it doesn’t get fed every few hours (spoiled brat that it is). I can control what foods I do eat so I can keep my post prandial low (so far). The A1C is and always has been an average–and it makes it so people cannot “cheat.” How many times have you heard (usually) a young diabetic person ask “I eat nothing but pepperoni pizza, Captain Crunch, drink regular coke and eat cookies and candy all all the time and nothing else. How can I make it so my blood test tomorrow doesn’t come out with a high A1C?” You can’t just eat spinach the night before an A1C and think you can significantly bring your test number down. But it is the daily finger prick that gives you the details, a more insightful personal perspective on how your body is handling being diabetic, what the foods you are eating are affecting you, etc.

  5. LauraLS
    LauraLS July 17, 2014 at 10:10 pm | | Reply

    I’m with Allison. I’ve had maybe a couple 7′s over the years, otherwise no. A wonderful pump trainer told me I will never have it easy. My BG drops at the smallest dose, exercise sends it even lower. I cannot imagine how people exist at lower numbers. At 60 I see bright flashing spots that look like Ms. Pacman. After 44 years type I, I have relatively few complications but am beyond tired of the A1c that seems out of reach.

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