New Reviews in Our ‘Test Kitchen’ for Diabetes Products!

Ever wonder what experiences other people with diabetes had with a particular D-product? Now it’s easy to find out! Just browse through our new DiabetesMine Test Kitchen — a collection of video product reviews by and for patients.

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We have two new reviews for you to check out this week.

First, our intern and current Test Kitchen coordinator Cait Patterson has just completed a review of the aDorn designs Elite Collection clutch bags, for ladies with diabetes to stylishly and easily carry all their med supplies and more.

As an on-the-go twentysomething, Cait appreciates the space for items other than diabetes stuff, and the fact that these bags don’t look medical in the least.

aDorn Elite diabetes cases


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Also new in the Test Kitchen: Cybernetic Diabetic blogger Julie Schulman reviews Mediband and Mediband Plus. This customizable medical ID holds more than just your most basic emergency contact info. Mediband Plus is a secure database for all of your health information — and the system can alert loved ones when it’s been accessed in case of emergency!

Julie really likes the variety of bracelet designs offered by Mediband, and also the added security of the Mediband Plus system.


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