Mediband and Mediband Plus – Review

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PWD Julie Schulman reviews Mediband medical IDs with Mediband Plus — a medical ID that does more than just display your emergency contact info!



  • bands are very durable
  • text on bands is extremely customizable and they have lots of colors and patterns to choose from
  • inexpensive, and customer service was extremely responsive and professional
  • MedibandPlus website is very user friendly and easily accessible by medical personnel
  • allows users to store a lot of customizable medical details with individual field-level privacy settings
  • automatically notifies loved ones if account is ever accessed (i.e. emergency situation)


  • to order customized print on wristbands, you need to order a minimum of seven and the colors on those are limited to a few pre-selected options
  • the online ordering process is burdensome, and could use some clarification
  • potential customers could use some information on long MedibandPlus has already been around and how many subscribers they have

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