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PWD Julie Schulman reviews Mediband medical IDs with Mediband Plus — a medical ID that does more than just display your emergency contact info!



  • bands are very durable
  • text on bands is extremely customizable and they have lots of colors and patterns to choose from
  • inexpensive, and customer service was extremely responsive and professional
  • MedibandPlus website is very user friendly and easily accessible by medical personnel
  • allows users to store a lot of customizable medical details with individual field-level privacy settings
  • automatically notifies loved ones if account is ever accessed (i.e. emergency situation)


  • to order customized print on wristbands, you need to order a minimum of seven and the colors on those are limited to a few pre-selected options
  • the online ordering process is burdensome, and could use some clarification
  • potential customers could use some information on long MedibandPlus has already been around and how many subscribers they have

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  1. Michael Randall
    Michael Randall November 23, 2014 at 8:08 pm | | Reply

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for reviewing our mediband custom product.

    We’re always looking to improve our products, and so any feedback we receive whether good or bad, we use to create a better product.

    I wanted to quickly address some of the points you raised:

    1. We have a minimum order of 7 bands only for custom products. We’re working on reducing this, but it means the price might go up for smaller quantities. All our in-stock catalogue products including the write-on products can be purchased in single units.

    The great news is for orders over 8, we offer FREE shipping.

    2. We’ve added a bunch of new colours for custom and in-stock catalogue medibands, and we’re now making it our priority to add even more on a regular basis.

    3. We have also upgraded our online ordering process!

    4. MedibandPlus has over 3,000 active members, and the service has been in operation now for close to 5 years.

    I hope this helps address some of the minor concerns you had. We would be happy to mail you some new products or even provide some free giveaways for your members and viewers.

    Thanks for providing a great resource to viewers!

    worry less, live more!

    Michael & the Team at Mediband

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