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  1. Mike Ratrie
    Mike Ratrie June 28, 2014 at 5:09 am | | Reply

    Just to chime in on the hunger pangs, I am just over 6′ 1″ and a bit under 170 lbs (1.85m and about 77 kilos for the rest of the world!). When I am hungry, I calculate the carbs, bolus appropriately and then I eat! Of course, I check my blood sugars, too!

  2. Daisy
    Daisy June 28, 2014 at 9:28 am | | Reply

    If he were fat, would you tell him not to eat?

    1. David
      David July 3, 2014 at 1:52 am | | Reply

      hehe. Most people would. I havent read enough of this guys blogs yet to know about him heh. (just found it, looks interesting so far) I’ve seen the way heavier people are treated by a lot of people who seem to think that if you are overweight, for whatever reason, you should be trying to lose weight, by whatever means necessary, and being hungry is a GOOD thing, you should cherish that feeling lol. (and that besides, you probably arent actually hungry anyway since you clearly never stop eating and must eat enough food for ten people since THEY can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and eat excessive amounts and don’t get fat so you must be eating TONS more than they do, so how could you EVER be actually hungry?!?lol. (my mom is type 1 but also has M. E. and other problems which makes it really hard for her to move around much, she hardly eats anything but shes kinda fat and ive seen people treat her like this.. I eat tons more than she does but I’m not fat so nobody hassles me, I don’t think its fair.)

  3. Scott E
    Scott E June 28, 2014 at 9:36 am | | Reply

    If the MedT vibrate sounds loud or awkward, it could be due to a crack in the case (near the battery compartment is the likely culprit). I’ve noticed variances in the sound from one pump to the next, likely just due to manufacturing, but I’ve never heard it get louder over time on its own.

  4. susan f
    susan f June 28, 2014 at 10:07 am | | Reply

    I know a lot of folks don’t read the comments, but I thought I’d share my cautionary tale of using a pump past its expiration date. I was waiting for the Animas vibe to be approved as I really wanted the dexcom integration.

    My pump spectacularly failed near a year after its warranty was up. The bolus screen would just rapid cycle 0 to 10.0 over and over. In my head, I thought I had a back up pump – my ‘old’ one sitting in a box at home. I rushed home, set it up and all was well. That night I decided to reload it’s cartridge, and the pressure sensor that says “Hey, stop, you’ve hit the end of the plunger!” must have failed. I couldn’t get it past the prime stage. Both of these failures are pretty scary in terms of what they could have done if I were connected to them at the time/if they had delivered.

    My point is severely off topic, but I thought worth sharing. Don’t wait for the next big thing. It took over a month to get my new pump through the red tape of paperwork, and that was a really bad month. And that was last september. And I’m STILL waiting for that animas vibe FDA approval.


  5. Amanda
    Amanda June 28, 2014 at 10:29 am | | Reply

    I’ve just been finding out more information related to celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. I want to get screen for celiac because I think I am having some symptoms. For the letter writer with the weight loss and hunger between meals, you might want to check with your doctor too about getting screened.

  6. Chris K
    Chris K June 28, 2014 at 11:54 am | | Reply

    In my experience, I wouldn’t say the new enlite is any more accurate or reliable than the sof-sensor was. It might even be a step down. I was also able to get 6+ days on the old sensor more often than I can on the new one. The one claim they make about it that is definitely true: it is infinitely more comfortable to insert and wear. That is a big plus.

  7. Tim Steinert
    Tim Steinert June 28, 2014 at 12:21 pm | | Reply

    An update on the last question. I am down to 173, but my A1c was a wonderful 6.4 after an uptick for a year. My problem with being REALLY hungry between meals is that I scratch my head (not eating) and end up going low rather than getting over it and eating!

  8. LL
    LL July 3, 2014 at 9:40 pm | | Reply

    For the record, I’m in NM and have had numerous Animas pumps. I always heard the alarms (or musical tones) compared to what I hear with my Revel. I can’t hear the thing at all, and even the vibrate doesnt always alert me properly. I left Animas due to some CS issues and supply problems. I must have had four pump models of theirs, and my wonderful Cozmo in between. I like features of both pumps.
    My main gripe now, the ACA has my pump supply coverage down to 50 percent. Not happy about that, and hoping when it’s time for a pump again, I can get them to let me pay for another Revel upgrade without needing to go through my DME which is also 50 percent.

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