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  1. Jim H.
    Jim H. May 29, 2014 at 10:27 pm | | Reply

    This stuff isn’t new to me I have been a diabetic since I was 27 Type 1 Now 61 I lost the feeling of going low along time ago really early I bought a golden retriever in 1994 and grew up with me. He became aware of my diabetes while growing up from a puppy to a dog He started getting my wife before I went to low but the bad thing he would let any strangers around I lost him 1994 due to cancer During the time that he was alive I bought a female and raised golden retrievers’ I he got older I kept one of his pups He took over Rusty job. I raised him like Rusty I had him for 10 years He passed away In 2010 I can’t afford a golden retriever now and I’m a Veteran VA will pay for the vet bills if I get another alert dog I could train one from a puppy I just can’t afford puppy now Now I take the shots to bring me around but it takes a long time to come around. Can you help me get a dog you have my email let me know please reply let me know if you need my cellphone I live in Ohio in Clermont county please reply thank you Jim Horwarth

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