Verio Sync Wireless Glucose Meter – Review

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‘Mine editor Amy Tenderich reviews the OneTouch Verio Sync wireless glucose meter and companion app — a cutting-edge new product.



  • Being connected to the iPhone means you never have to worry about resetting times on your meter
  • The easy view of trends is really appealing
  • able to add notes to data points
  • app can be used with or without the meter


  • difficult to figure out how to share the logbook, in order to text or email results
  • No test-by-test graph like you see in other apps like MySugr or iBGStar
  • Apple compatible only

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  1. Susan Whittier
    Susan Whittier May 3, 2014 at 10:24 am | | Reply

    Thank you for this weeks update on the two meters – but I still ask – why would an IDDM vs a NIDDM purchase / use a monitor, bluetooth or not that only records blood glucose – that is like stepping back in time to the beginning of home glucose monitoring. I guess the manufacturing companies are concentrating on Type2 diabetics [larger population than Type1] that test much less frequently,don’t record insulin changes, and have less insurance support for these devices….? Or the other possibility is the telecommunications companies are buying out the firms making glucose monitors. I suppose what I’m looking for is a ‘health tablet’ – size of a small smartphone -to function as a monitor & to keep all health data and as well – private / in one place [ the pocket]/ but allowing encrypted wireless data transfer at will. The future?

  2. Richard Wollenberger
    Richard Wollenberger June 17, 2014 at 7:39 pm | | Reply

    I bought the Sync. I hate the Sync. Here’s why:
    It’s 2014 and this glucometer acts like 1999 in the important way: Yes, I can use Bluetooth to sync with my iPhone(Sorry, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone users…iOS only). BUT… And here it comes
    1) I can only save 14 days worth of sync results to the phone
    2) Sync can’t connect to my PC (or a Mac)
    3) I can export from my iPhone, but only as a screenshot, not actual data
    4) No reports, none. Zip. Nada.

    Folks, managing diabetes in 2014 is all about the data and this glucometer isn’t worth the cost of the strips.

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