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  1. Mary Dexter
    Mary Dexter April 6, 2014 at 7:59 am | | Reply

    In the beginning, we were just diabetic. Separating us out into T1/T2 has, in many ways, caused more harm than good. T1s can become insulin resistant. Over-producing insulin causes the pancreas to wear out more quickly, and some just have lousy pancreases to begin with. Peng Yi told me that within a few years, most T2s have lost 80% of their pancreatic function. They are capable of making only 20% of the insulin nondiabetics make. Dr. Faustman’s Lab, and others, have shown that not all of a T1s beta cells are dead and are still capable of producing some insulin. Rather than a dichotomy, more and more doctors and researchers view diabetes as a continuum. Your Diabetes May Differ. So what would be more helpful would be to ask the right questions. How much insulin is being produced? Insulin sensitive or insulin resistant? Not how old are you? Not what do you look like? Not in which box do you belong? Not which kind do I feel comfortable treating? Why are so many misdiagnosed? Why are so many denied proper treatment? Why are so many doing so badly, 90 years since Banting? Because too often the ones we trust to be the most knowledgeable cling the tightest to the myths and stereotypes.

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