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  1. Solidcad
    Solidcad December 16, 2013 at 1:12 pm | | Reply

    The JDRF is doing a great job and there is opportunity for pancreatic cell implants ect. .
    There needs to be a focus on the type 2 diabetes as well because it has now become a #1 preventable cause of death in patients who are also obese.
    OBESITY & TYPE 2 Diabetes is taking a toll worldwide.
    Some medical devices are at the forefront:

    Apollo endo and J&J’s gastric band

    J&J and Covidien’s stapler technology for sleeve surgery

    GI dynamic’s endo barrier device for obesity and diabetes

    Reshape Medical gastric balloon temp implant

    Onciomed Inc’s Vest system minimally invasive- long term implant for obesity and diabetes.

    Baronova transpyloric shuttle- temp device

    Obalon’s balloon – temp solution

    Fobi’s ring

    All the above technologies are terrific options and will lead the market. The med device market for obesity to swell to $139.5 Billion by 2017 according to MDDI
    All these companies have a tremendous opportunity to rake in $$$$$$$$ and meet the unmet clinical need.
    This is the time to obesity and diabetes space.
    AMA declared obesity as a disease in June 2013. FDA and CMS have to work hard to get more technology approved. There is nothing but the band available for the patients.
    FDA is thinking of putting a FASTRACK designation on all medical technology for obesity .
    Also a parallel review process with CMS.
    This will help more products to come to market.
    14 Mil are qualified to get surgery in the US.
    1.3 Million people in UK are waiting for surgery
    India has 70 mil obese, 12.4 mil are super obese, 62 mill diabetic.
    China, Brazil, Germany, Australia, UK, Canada, Mexico are all trailing closely.

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