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  1. Mike Ratrie
    Mike Ratrie November 7, 2013 at 4:09 am | | Reply

    Interesting post, Mike. I am still a bit confused on the role of these new organizations, since my first take is there seems to be a lot of inherent overhead built in to creating them. Maybe I need more time to digest the info, plus a bit more research into them (could I be having gastroparesis of the mind?) :)

    1. Type 1 Electrical Engineering Student
      Type 1 Electrical Engineering Student November 7, 2013 at 8:37 pm | | Reply

      I find your “gastroparesis of the mind” comment extremely offensive, living with severe gastroparesis that is actually not caused by my diabetes.

      If you knew somebody personally whose gastroparesis was so severe that the individual REQUIRED a gastric pacemaker or a feeding tube, you would never be cracking a joke in comparison to such an awful disease.

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