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  1. Joe
    Joe November 30, 2013 at 4:44 am | | Reply

    I stopped taking Lipitor a long time ago and substituted a herbal supplement to help with my cholesterol, all with the blessing of my Endocrinologist. (Which surprised the hell out of me!)
    Lipitor was giving me muscle aches and pains, I got tired of hurting all the time.

  2. bn
    bn November 30, 2013 at 7:58 pm | | Reply

    I was put on an ACE inhibitor (Lisinopril) but suffered intestinal angioedema – a rare but painful side effect. Another friend got the “Lisinopril cough”. Was on sinvastatin for a while, but dropped that when it worsened my depression.

  3. Dan
    Dan November 30, 2013 at 8:57 pm | | Reply

    Having diabetes for 30 years, I have been given all of this stuff: ACE inhibitors, statins, and aspirin.
    In regards to the ACE inhibitors, I developed a dry cough and had it for three years. The doctor never warned me about this issue nor did her ever ask me during my visits. After taking a bike ride to the beach with my wife, we stopped at the end of the ocean. A fisherman was casting his line and lighting up his cigarette. He heard me hacking and asked me if I needed a cigarette. I told him no thanks. But a light bulb went in my head: I cough like a chain smoker. I have never smoked. My wife stated you have been coughing now for years. I began to get worried. So, the next visit to my doctor, I told him about my cough. He stated: Oh, that is probably your blood pressure medication. Great! Three years of hacking and then worrying about whether I had something really wrong with my lungs. Doctors!

    Statins are another one. I am type 1 diabetic. So, the doctor puts me on a statin 6 years ago. At that point I was naïve. I took the statin for 6 years and stopped it about a year ago. Three years into taking the statin, I began having weird sensations. For example, I always bike ride 4 days a week. I began getting somewhat dizzy from biking riding. One day, I had to get off my bike and walk. Lights at night bothered me. When I walked my dog, my head always felt like it was in the clouds. I was not quite dizzy enough to fall down, but I just did not feel right. I am not a hypochondriac, but I started to become one. I am also a runner. Every time I ran, I had heal pain—some would call it Plantar fasciitis So, as a runner, I developed a way of running that made me land on the ball of my foot.

    Then one day I began reading all the research on cholesterol, statin side effect, and read the studies. A year ago, I went off the statin myself. Within two weeks, all was back to normal. No more foot pain when I ran. No more sensitivity to light. No lightheadness. More energy.

    I cannot go into all the details here, but I would recommend everyone who is a type 1 diabetic to read the latest American Diabetes Standards of Care that the author of this article reviewed about 6 months ago. In it, it states specifically that there are NO studies that demonstrate any impact of statins on the long term health outcomes of type 1 diabetics. All the studies that have been done are on type 2 diabetics. In addition, those studies only demonstrate marginal improvements. That is, maybe reducing 1 heart attack in 100 people over a ten year period or something like that. But remember, these studies have been funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Anyway, in the ADA standards of care, they state that since there is some benefit to type 2 diabetics on a statin, then type 1 diabetics should take it also. Based upon what? Make believe and state it with authority.

    Science demands replication. We do not even have good first studies, let alone replication of the study to ensure it is actually reporting what it states it is reporting.

    Everyone should also read up on the role of cholesterol. The brain is primarily comprised of cholesterol. Every cell in the body needs cholesterol. In addition, the Framingham heart study even states that just as many people with high cholesterol have heart attacks as those with normal cholesterol.

    Remember this fact: The French have the highest levels of cholesterol, eat the most saturate fat, and eat eggs, but they have the lowest rates of heart disease in the Western world. Explain that one.

    Here is my advice: If you want to reduce your risk of heart disease, eat like the French. Drink wine, eat desserts that are developed with little sugar and little flour (many of their cakes are made with whipped egg whites instead of flour, and eat meat and veggies). I eat like them and it helps me control my blood sugar.

    Like the author of this article, I used to be a compliant patient. Now I am not. I only focus on one thing: blood sugar control. Part of that is to ensure I eat a good diet. Everything else is out the door. Statins and ACE inhibitors are tossed to the side.

    And if you still think statins are safe, read up on their function and how they reduce levels of CoQ10 in the body. Then read up on the role of CoQ10. You will learn that the mitochondria in every cell in your body use and needs CoQ10 as its basic energy source.

    If you want to stay alive, you do not want to do anything harmful to mitochondria.

    Statins harm mitochondria.

    I will also add that when I told my doctor about my stain side effects, he was skeptical. In addition, at the next visit, I asked if he reported it to the FDA. Of course he did not. One of the gravest issues is the underreporting of side effects of all drugs, including statins. Doctors are the problem.

    There is a reason why nearly 50 percent of all people given a statin stop taking it.

    Look it up—it is a fact.

    1. KAREN
      KAREN December 18, 2013 at 6:27 am | | Reply

      AMEN….OMG Im so suprised to see resistors to pharma drugs on this website. I’m so suprised to see that people are waking up!!!! Many of the drugs that are prescribed for diabetes makes it WORSE!!! Ifind this out after extensive research. When I told my doctor this, I got no reply, not even a look of concern or acknowledgement….NOTHING except that medications have side effects. USELESS!!!

      High blood pressure medications can destroy the beta cells in the pancreas and increase insulin resistence, and about protecting the of the side effects of high blood pressure medications includes KIDNEY FAILURE and PANCREATITIS. Lets just wipe out all pancreatitic functions.

      BRAVO on your getting educated, and finding much healthier ways of defeating a disease or managing an autoimmune disease (I wonder about this – they are finding out that in some persons who are Type 1, that these people still have some pancreatitic function)….If this is possibly you, try the herb GYNMMENA SYLVESTRE (Indian) it is natural and has been used in India for hundreds if not thousands of years. University studies show that it can regenerate beta cells.

      BRAVO again and thank you for your comments.

  4. Terry Keelan
    Terry Keelan December 1, 2013 at 2:25 pm | | Reply

    Now I’m conflicted. I stopped the Lipitor after hearing a pharmacy rep state on NPR that “everyone” should be on statins. “Scam!” I thought.

    Then a cardio spoke to our T1 support group, showed us the chart you are looking for, and I started using it again.

    Now I read about these other possible side effects and think maybe I should stop. What’s a poor LADA to do?

    Is it safe to just stop once you’ve started?

    1. Dan
      Dan December 1, 2013 at 5:12 pm | | Reply

      Since you are off the statin, you should have an advanced lipid test done by your doctor. One the best is the VAP test. This test will tell you what your APOB100, LP(a), and whether your LDL cholesterol is large puffy or small dense. This will tell you more than anything about whether or not your cholesterol is dangerous in your body. Now if you have poor markers, you might want to consider limiting your carbs and eating better and exercising. If the VAP test comes back pretty normal, and you can manage your diabetes pretty well with an A1C under 6.0, I would not take a statin. I would grab a wine glass and drink some fermented grapes. In fact, if it comes back normal and you eat well, I will raise my glass to you and your good health.

      The only proven population that obtains real benefit from statin drugs are middle age men who already had a cardiac event.

      All other studies, if you get beyond the charts, and read the real data, you will quickly realize how little these statin drugs do.

      Now, do not take my word for it.

      Read the latest tools to determine if you should be on a statin. For example, now if you are a healthy person, your LDL has to be over 190 to be considered for a statin. Why did they raise the level so high when we have been lectured for years that LDL should be around 100? Because if there is a stain benefit, it is not because of LDL lowering, but because it thins the blood and is an antioxidant. Look it up. So, you and I know better. I would rather eat a half a cup of blueberries and some pomegranate seeds, then take a statin drug for my antioxidant intake.

      To your good health.

      I know it is difficult. You are going to be ok.

  5. Rich Michaud
    Rich Michaud December 6, 2013 at 8:01 am | | Reply

    Just visited my endo yesterday. He was always anti-Statin. All of the sudden he decided I should be on a statin. I research diabetes constantly since I am a type II, it’s my body, and I want to know what’s going into it. I told him to go pound!

    Then he recommended that I have an ultrasound to see if I have any kidney stones. That he can do it right here in his office(and charge me for it). I have no symtoms and the bloodwork shows no concern for kidney stones. He said well you had some years ago and you might have some in there now that just haven’t moved. I have have not had a kidney in at least 5 yrs and have no symtoms! Told him no ultrasound too. Treatment is a team effort. Do not just do as your Dr. says. Do smart research and make your own decisions. I can’t tell you how many times a Dr said I should take something, I didn’t and then they found out:

    1. It either doesn’t help at all
    2. It’s bad for your body or
    3. all of the above.

    After 18 Yrs of diabetes, my A1C is 6.0 and I have no complications from Diabetes.

  6. Lucia Maya
    Lucia Maya December 9, 2013 at 5:12 pm | | Reply

    I love this article, and found Dan’s comments especially helpful, thank you! I have had type 1 for 37 years, no complications, high 6′s A1C, and have high cholesterol, which runs in my family, though heart disease does not. I’ve not taken any of the drugs mentioned here, and believe from my own research that the statins are a huge money-maker, and way over-prescribed, if needed at all!

    I believe in eating well – whole foods, little processed grains or carbs, including plenty of antioxidants, good Omega 3′s, etc…I always do my own research and find the recommendations of the AMA, etc change so often, I don’t listen to them.

    Thanks for this!

  7. KAREN
    KAREN December 18, 2013 at 7:17 am | | Reply

    I am encouraged by the comments on this website. People are researching and trusting their bodies and realizing that statins are hurting your bodies.

    My dance teacher took statins and lost her ability to perform the more difficult dance routines. Once I found out in casual conversation that she had been taking a statin, I gave her literature and stories of people who have been DISABLED sometimes PERMANENTLY as a result of taking statins. These stores can be found all over the Internet…one site I highly recommend is It’s about an American astronaut who took Lipitor, had had been very very physically active. He developed amnesia on at least 2 occasions, and muscle aches and pains and eventually weakness. He is no longer physically active.

    My dance teacher eventually and all of a sudden developed intense back pain. I spoke with her and told her that most likely it was the statin drug. She later spoke to her doctor, who told her that it wasn’t the statin drugs, and that she needed to keep taking the statins. She did, and years later she has tried several prescription drugs and therapies to ease the pain. She no longer dances.

    I was being pressured into taking a statin and told my doctor no way. Especially after learning that cholesterol is needed to help the making and storing of glucose in the body for later use. Without cholesterol then the sugar is pushed back into the blood. It’s documented that persons taking statins and with diabetes often have to increase the diabetes medications because of this.

    My story….I was told I was at imminent risk for stroke because my blood pressure was around 157. Of course she didn’t take into account that I had been on cough medications – side effect raised blood pressure. She literally scared me into taking blood pressure regularly. I was also TOUCHED that she cared (and told many of my friends this) – she spent 40 minutes with me!!! (Later when I got off of all meds she could barely spend 8 minutes with me – I guess I was no longer profitable).

    Blood tests were done and my blood sugar was 91, cholesterol LDL was 223. I was warned about needing to take cholesterol if diet didn’t work. (I now know that the liver makes appro 90% of cholesterol and diet doesn’t factor in that much). I was naive and continued the high blood pressure medications.

    Approx, 6 months later, I felt a violent shift in my body….all of a sudden I had EXTREME Thirst, needing to go to the restroom, and eventually blurred vision. My internal system seemed greatly out of whack!!! When I got tested for fasting BG sugar it was 393!!! Eventually my AIC was 16.5.

    I told the doctor that I thought that the blood pressure medications did this to me. I got SILENCE!!!! Initially, I took this to mean that I was wrong. I asked if anything could be done to get rid of the diabetes….she stated and it was muffled with laughter that perhaps if I lost a lot of weight I may have a chance.

    I was given Metformin 500, 2x’s a day and Lisinpril to rinse the metformin from my kidneys. I was told to check in a couple of weeks. I didn’t and receive a called from my doctor. She felt that metformin was not enough and that I needed more medications. I told her that I was going to try this on my own with nature remedies…she laughed really loud. By then I was reading books on reversing diabetes and learning that others were doing it.

    I started taking herbs like bitter melon and gynmmena sylvestre (proven to regenerate the pancreas – beta cells). I was taking the metformin and lisinpril; I experienced a truckload of side effects, hair falling out, rapid heartbeat at night, hands and feet extremely cold, constant cough, nasal drip, muscle aches – couldn’t sit long in one position for more than 1/2 hour, arthritis, extremely hot flashes, etc.)

    My saving grace is that approx. after a month or so, I kept forgetting to take the Lisinpril – blood pressure medication. This was not on purpose. I swear…I went in for a blood test and found that my AIC had fallen to 6.5. Then I got a reminder call to refill the Lisinpril. I decided to look up this medication and found that my side effects were not unusual, and that included in the downstream diseases from the side effects were the following: Heart attack, stroke, rapid heartbeat, pancreatitis, diabetes, kidney/liver damage, joint pain, memory loss, ETC!!!!

    It then dawn me that we are often told side effects in symptoms only….not the downstream diseases and what is actually happening to our bodies, i.e. your kidneys are getting damaged, etc.

    UPDATE: I threw the remaining pills of Lisinpril into the trash and experimented by cutting the metformin dose in half…no change in blood sugar readings…later cut out the other half…AIC went down to 6.2.

    IMPORTANT NEWS: Like the recent cholesterol change from 200 to 190 plus including others groups, cholesterol numbers From what I have read 30/40 years ago used to be 350, blood pressure used to 160, and blood sugar used to be under 200. From what I have read these numbers have been gradually lowered. Whenever these numbers are lowered, more prescription drugs are sold. Doctors are required to adhere to these guidelines in treatment to avoid getting sued and/or reprimanend by their superiors. These prescription drugs are damaging to the body and should be taken only when absolute necessary and for the shortest period of time.

    Read the following books, website and movie: The Cholesterol Myth by Stephen Sinitra and John Bowden, Selling Sickness – How the Pharma companies are making patients…by Ray Moynhan and Alan Cassels, Death to Diabetes by DeWayne McCulley, go to, watch the movie Fire Escape – talks about escalating medical cost and how Americans take the approx the same amount of medicine as the rest of the world COMBINED and that we are in the 50th percentile among industrial countries in health and death!!! Now that this has happened to me, I’m suspicious that the Diabetes epidemic is in addition to bad foods, inactivity, but perhaps also due to prescription drugs.

    I drink green smoothies daily, exercise, I’m healthier than I had ever been. Best of health to everyone.

  8. KAREN
    KAREN December 20, 2013 at 8:55 am | | Reply

    Hello Wil Dubois, question if a Type 2 is taking Lisinpril (which I think is a ACE Inhibitor) to protect her kidneys against the metformin, can she do something else to protect the kidneys. I’m concern because when I went onto I found that the downstream diseases for Lisinpril included pancreatis, and diabetes mellitus. (I’m sorry about the earlier mention of kidney damage when taking Lisinpril – I relooked the info on Webmd – I must have gotten it somewhere else). In addition, I’ve read in other places that blood pressure medications raise blood sugar.

    If I can get her off the ACE Inhibitor and give her some herbs which regenerate the beta cells (University of California studied this) then perhaps she can get off of the metformin and avoid further arthritis. Of course, I’m no expert…but I saw what happened to me with elevated blood sugar and then for it to lower by hundreds of points when I kept forgetting to take the blood pressure medication. Metformin is only able to lower blood sugar by approxi 50 points, I went from 503 to 145, and then to 142 after quitting metformin.

    Oh by the way…I regrettably didn’t lose a whole lot of weight…I think maybe 6 pounds. Yuppe!!! Blood pressure checks in anywhere between 128 to 142 – usually goes down within a minute of the after first reading (not unusual for the span to be 20 points or more).

    As far as blood sugar goes, I’m no longer taking medications unless my blood sugar goes over 200. This appears to have been the standard approxi 30/40 years ago. I like it to be as low as possible, but I’m not going to be sucked into the anorexic game of it’s not ever low enough.

    The people setting these guidelines have too many financial ties to the pharma industry…whose interests and obligations are to its shareholders and not to us the consumers. It’s sad and scary that doctors are required to follow these guidelines. I feel that when I go to my doctor’s office, it becomes more of a hard pressured sale to take drugs than to provide advice on how to live healthier. My doctor has become so upset when I refuse that she has gotten up and stormed out of the room. What kind of pressure is she under. She negates all of the side effects that I have experienced…by saying that it’s normal and to expect them, as well as to to keep taking the medicine. My blood pressure and stress goes up after seeing her, I’ve been put into fear mode as a result. It takes awhile for that to wear off.

    I’m finding another doctor, but will not be going too often to them either. If I could choose the way for me to die…it would a heart attack. I really don’t wish to have a long lingering death, i.e. cancer,etc. Just take me out with one punch!!!

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