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  1. Bob Fenton
    Bob Fenton July 19, 2013 at 3:12 pm | | Reply

    Thank you Amy for covering this. While I have never worked long distance with BDI, I know from others in the San Diego area what a help they can be. They need the recognition for their excellent work in support of people with diabetes.

  2. Lang
    Lang July 19, 2013 at 11:17 pm | | Reply

    The Behavioral Diabetes Institute helped me a lot and my family too. I’m glad you guys are covering this because they deserve recognition.

  3. Lin
    Lin July 21, 2013 at 8:45 pm | | Reply

    I would love to be a part of this type of work! This is the thing I longed for as a child but didn’t really exist back then. I am a CDE but don’t know how I can find a way into a meaningful program such as the DBI I admire greatly. I love your etiquette cards, too. I wish you could extend to all over the country, it is so greatly needed everywhere.

  4. Dennis
    Dennis July 22, 2013 at 7:00 pm | | Reply

    The Truth of the matter for Diabetes Burn out and Depression simply comesfrom MORE FAILURES of the SYSTEM and the Medical Profession not As they want to try to do is Make it Feel it is our Fault !
    -Test Meters are Inaccurate
    -Insulins are Not Effective enough
    -Novalog is Not a FAST ACTING Insulin , it’s a LIE! It takes Hours to Work Fully
    -The Long Lasting Insulins like Lantus and Levimire? Is also A LIE, they are Not Consistant and Stable
    -And 90% or 9/10 Endo’s are a LIE they have No Clue on how to Provide Answers on using Insulin.. They are Just Either Guessing and using us as Guinea Pigs and have the Oddasity to Charge us !
    -I have sued 3 Endo’s and won each Time and their Health Care Providers as well ..for lying to just get Patients that can Pay to Come to them and Not their Competiton..
    -The Test stirps are a LIE and a Fraud – and being allowed to Just make minor changes to Keep their Patents..I blame the FDA and Gov’t
    -Charging $138 per 100 strips? Who are they kidding?
    -Charging $20 per 100 Lancets? Who are They kidding
    One Touch just Changed it’s Lancet device to the New and Improved Delica Lancet and the Lancets? Why they cost TWICE as Much, no other type will fit in them..
    And Is it any better? NO..

    There is so much Deception going on in this Industry to Rip-off both the Insurance Co’.s, Medicare and Us Patients Off to Get as much $ as they can from us..!
    And the FDA is Supporting their Corrpution and Price Fixing!

    And after Being On Medicare now? Forget about Getting a Insulin Pump, let alone a CGM or anything else for that matter and it’s going to get worse, not better..
    Only those with $ and Good Private health Insurance will survive, the rest of us? We’re destined to Die alot sooner and Be alot more miserable.

    I am a Veteran and I not only Got this Damn Disease thru my Mother, but so did my Siblings,, we all Got it as Adult Onset Type 1.. and I have Met Hundreds over the yrs that are in the same Miserable Boat.. and having the same Miserable Problems..

    And I have seen dozens of End Stage Dibetics that if they had some decent Dr.’s and The right Tools, would have Never had all those problems soearly in their Lives… It’sMURDER, not just a tragedy.. But the Medical Profession still wants to Keep Getting Us t think it’s Our Fault to cover their Being InAdequate and Inept..

    Just to Keep making their Money and the Big Phrama Don’t want to Change anything, they’re making a Fortune just the way it is..

    I’ve testifed to my Congressmen and Senator and To many others.. But it does No Good.. Big Corporate America and The Medical Profession Contnrol this country.. as they control our Congress and Senate and Gov’t..

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