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  1. Peter Tennant
    Peter Tennant June 24, 2013 at 11:37 am | | Reply

    Thanks for the article, very enjoyable, [ but not as much as my favourite single malt scotch ] I’ve had type 2 for 5 years and remember asking my doctor, having just been diagnosed, if alcohol was off-limits. He replied that everything in moderation applied. Since then I enjoy 1 or 2 real ales once a week and usually have a bottle of single malt on hand at home for a night-cap. So far it hasn’t caused me any problems!
    I must admit Evan Williams holds a special place for me, as a fellow Welshman and I read, one of if not the very first bourbon producers. I’ve tried most of their bourbons but not the cinnamon variety you favour. I will now ask my usual provider to order some, as I also love the cinnamon flavour.
    Anyway, enough rambling, so thanks again and I’ll keep my eyes open for your future postings. Take care and continue to enjoy your “Welsh” bourbon.

  2. Lucile Travis
    Lucile Travis June 28, 2013 at 10:41 pm | | Reply

    Personally I agree with Heather Greene, whiskey should be enjoyed straight, either neat, or with a touch of water, or with a cube of ice. Whiskey mixed drinks are for inferior whiskeys like Jack Daniels.My personal drink of choice is Irish whiskey, neat. Best I can do at the bars in my city is Jameson, which is over priced and over marketed. Most of the time the bottle is older and you can taste that the whiskey has been sitting opened for a while. It’s a funny flat taste. My favorite is Powers Irish and I’ve started seeing it a bars around town, which almost made me dance a jig.I’ve learned to order it with a tone in my voice that stops any bartender correcting me or questioning my order, but it doesn’t stop friends, my mother, and acuantences from being surprised that a women would drink it straight.Super glad to hear that there is a Women’s Whiskey Club. It’s about darn time!

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