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  1. Jessica
    Jessica March 12, 2013 at 11:03 am | | Reply

    What an inspiring story. Its good to see young leaders all around the world bringing awareness to diabetes.

  2. Karl Fenn
    Karl Fenn March 22, 2013 at 12:17 pm | | Reply

    I enoyed reading your article about diabetes in the Netherlands, it is good to read other peoples experiences in Europe, it seems to clarify in Europe we are seeing the same trend in numbers of people contracting diabetes, there is a definate “sterotype” trent in the numbers, I have done some further researh on diabetes from other parts of the world, particularly in Asia and India, it appears in some cases they are up to six times more likely to develop the condition, I read some interesting findings on food, apparently one source clearly indicated where people eat a rice diet, the figures were much higer in diagnosis, I wonder, the food link keeps comming up, is there something in rice that can trigger the condition, Interestingly, Anneelieke, Jonna, we have had similar experiences in the UK with unknown diabetic cases, we had a scheme in the area that was doing random testing. they were getting hit. after hit, I say with some confidence the figures are higher then we may all seem to think, of course diabetes is taking a lot of the health care buget, I looked at the figures and may rise to 13% quite soon, so I hope the resources are more directed in to finding a cure, or better drugs, rather than being spent on paper mountains, and electronic developments such as computor testing long term blood results, I think we already have tools to do this, with our meters. I of course got diabetes at 41, so I am much older than you, as you are clearly aware at your age you must keep on top of things, but I can see you are both intelligent, so I hope you will help your friends with advice and care advice, and put your education to good use, keep reading and learning good things are in the pipe line with the ongoing development of new drugs!

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