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  1. Kathy
    Kathy March 13, 2013 at 8:50 am | | Reply

    Great – but living in the First World (the U.S.), I still take MDIs because I can’t find a doctor available when I can see them, to get a prescription and paperwork for a pump or new CGMS insurance coverage would be a Herculean task in addition to the immense copay and high cost of sensors/supplies. And when I can’t find an Endo within 75 miles willing to treat me as a type 1 and not insist I’m type 2 and “confused” (really!) – well, it’s easier to stick with the same routine and just hope my insurance doesn’t change on me.

    Neato whiz-bang stuff is beyond my reach much less that of most PWDs in the 2nd and 3rd worlds. Hope the folks attending these confabs know that…

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