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  1. Type1Engineer
    Type1Engineer February 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm | | Reply

    While having diabetes apps on the iPhone seems nice, they are all essentially logging, dietary lookup, or training apps.

    What will make this app different and more convenient for me?

    If the idea could be extended beyond the idea of just an app, we would be better off. Since the diabetes device manufacturers will not ditch using a Windows PC to upload diabetes devices, and most PCs have an internet connection, why not have a portal to upload (universally) exportable data to the cloud via PC, preprocess the data in the cloud, and write functions in a mobile diabetes app to help make decisions in the future?

    I mean, Medtronic authorizes itself to use everyone’s data that is uploaded to their CareLink website via PC. Why don’t they just make all of an individual’s data available for real time analysis for making decisions on a day to day basis on a mobile app? I could see this working if an individual uploaded their CGM/pump data on a daily basis. There are all sorts of creative ideas that could come out of this sort of application.

    I don’t know why the medical device manufacturers are on top of this. Nobody truly enjoys logging. It is something that needs to be ditched. My medical devices (with their respective data management programs) and my digital scale (with CalorieKing) are all I need for success. All I have to do is export the data, and I can do analysis that is more powerful than any sort of log, or logging program.

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