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  1. Bennet
    Bennet February 19, 2013 at 2:37 pm | | Reply

    I loved meeting Ryan on #DSMA chat. I followed his races with other D-Dads on twitter last season. And Charlie’s. Good old Speed TV fun.

    We just kicked it up a bit and made a Facebook group. Insulin Fuel Racing is for families living with diabetes who would rather live with the Stig.

    Racing is fun and diabetes isn’t. So we pretend we care about diabetes during races by following drivers and racing teams associated diabetes. Heck we’ll even watch bike races.

    Interested? Search Facebook for Insulin Fuel Racing Send a request to Join. One thing, a lot of us watch with our kids so keep the language PG13.

  2. Ruben B
    Ruben B February 19, 2013 at 8:36 pm | | Reply

    @154_Ruben thinks this is an inspiring story for everyone to read.

  3. Karl Fenn
    Karl Fenn March 23, 2013 at 10:57 am | | Reply

    Of course, this highligts some of the difficulties that drivers can face with the condition, my uncle owned a transport business in the 60′s so I became aware of two and four wheels at a very early age, up to 2006, I held every available EU licence, 1,2,3, PSV, side loader, fork lift, MC, as well as all other Uk catargoies, I had worked in transport for many years, driving up to 2006 doing volantary driving, at forty five I went for a medical and they took most of VC licences, although I still have more than the average driver these day’s, there does appear to be some discrimination towards diabetis and driving, firstly the paranoia we see about driving in totally unfounded, there is no statistical evidence to bear this out, and many diabetics are in fact safer and better drivers than most, we so many people now having diabetes the removal of licences is having a serious economic impact, as people lose jobs and businesses as a result, firstly, there appears to be no “Level Playing Field” on the part of the DVLA, is appears some are targeted others are not, the laws are also open to malicious advant, where anyone making formal complaints could find them self subject to abuses in this area, of course the new EU laws were desinged to return VC licences, and many have indeed has these returned, however the process has become an uncomfatable affiar, with many drivers simply not bothering, I am not sure that this is what the EU intended, frankly the DVLA is another chaotic mess, that appears to be unable to cope with the workloads of new legislation and is another government department in heavy deficit issuing fines for it’s own dysfuntional incompetence, I fail the new laws are a direct breach of patient confidentiality and as I have stated open to wipespread abuse on various grounds. I think the old system was more sensible, the situation with the so called night hypo is madness, what about person who may not be aware he has had one in the first instant, these laws are leading to a culture of deception, where many drivers are effectively not telling the DVLA including many on the government pay roll, who brought in such legislation in the first instant, there are huge numbers of people with diabetes in government, local government, the police, NHS, if you look at the figures provided by the DVLA in relation to the true numbers of diabetics there are serious irregularities for sure.

  4. Cindy Bedient
    Cindy Bedient March 7, 2014 at 7:43 pm | | Reply

    I was so glad to see you on the news today. My son started racing quads at the age of 4 years old and came down with diabetes at the age of 10 years. he has not raced sense then. He is 14 years old now. When he saw you it gave him hope. I think it gave him a spark of life. I am going to check into Dex G4 Platinum. Or something like that. I recently heard of it but have not asked for it yet.
    Thank you for sharing.
    From Cindy Bedient

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