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  1. DennisTheMenance
    DennisTheMenance December 20, 2012 at 5:52 am | | Reply

    AMY? Anymore Progress being Made on the Solo INSULIN PATCH?
    I would Love to see a Transdermal type Patch that does the same as for other Medications, that can Provide a Consitant Amt. Of Insulin to be used as a Basal Insulin..

    It would Replace the need for needing to take Those Expensive Long Lasting Insulins ( Lantus , Levimire) and we would just need to use a Insulin Pen of Novalog for Bolusing..

    of course, It may hurt sales of Insulin Pumps.. but provide better insulin care for the Masses that Can’t Get a Pump.. that cost what? $8,000 now?
    and edicare and other ins. Co.’s Do not want us to have anyway and make it very hard to get one..


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