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  1. Joe
    Joe August 3, 2012 at 4:21 am | | Reply

    And that is why from the day the dog is 1 year old it should be on topical or oral flea and tick medication. Not to mention Heartworm prevention year round.

    I’m diabetic also, type 2 to be exact, plus on lithium for my bipolar. Bugs don’t bite me anymore. My blood is too toxic, LOL!

  2. Kathleen Weaver
    Kathleen Weaver August 3, 2012 at 4:30 am | | Reply

    There is a real easy way to tell if your dog has fleas without going to the vet.

    Give it a bath.

    The water will run red, or at least pink from the flea droppings.

  3. Mary Dexter
    Mary Dexter August 3, 2012 at 9:10 am | | Reply

    I always suspected as much. Long before I was diagnosed with

    I always suspected as much. Long before I was diagnosed with LADA, if there was one mosquito, chigger, fly or flea in an area, it would leave everyone else alone and chomp on me. I also have a much greater reaction to the bite. Could this be a way to diagnose diabetes long before the other symptoms occur? Also, does this put us more at risk for diseases carried by biting insects?

    And I always wondered about the vamps. Would we be as sweet as fairies?


  4. Jessica Apple
    Jessica Apple August 3, 2012 at 9:40 am | | Reply

    Great post. Thanks for the mention. Mike and I talk about the mosquito thing all of the time. They love PWD’s. As for fleas… we use a product called Revolution that you can only get from vets. It works. The dog doesn’t seem bothered by it, but the cats sulk for about a day. Then they go back to their usually nighttime activities of hanging out around my pillow.

  5. Sysy
    Sysy August 6, 2012 at 8:41 am | | Reply

    Since we make more uric acid and this contributes to the formation of kidney stones, are people with diabetes more likely to have kidney stones? Hmm…I’ve had them since I was 18…now I’m wondering!

  6. Dan
    Dan August 7, 2012 at 2:27 pm | | Reply

    Have a few suggestions. Try ffinding books be Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener. Does your house have a chimmey and does it have a cap guard in place. A chimmey is a great place for raccoons and they do carry flees. Next try washing your lawn in the evening. When you and the dog go our for a walk, your lawn will be free to flees. PS next time you are at a garden center, pick up any liquid bottles and shake them. There will be bubbles in the bottle. The soap helps to break the surface tension and allows the material to enter the soil. The soal wash for the lawn will coat the bugs. Hope this helps andas always have a great day.

  7. Tom Proko
    Tom Proko September 20, 2012 at 3:15 am | | Reply

    My usual questions, does your vet distinguish between type 1 or type 2 bug attraction?. And if so, are the diabetics in question in good control?

    That is it for my Dragnet impersonation.

    Now, about your dog. WHAT A FACE !!!!!! I just want to hug him and pet him till his tail starts whapping on the floor. GREAT PICTURE!!! And tell him I say hi!

  8. Karen Foiles
    Karen Foiles July 26, 2013 at 4:13 pm | | Reply

    Great article…. As a live-in caregiver, I just started living 2 weeks ago with a new family and I woke up bites all over my ankles and a big spider on the back of my arm… we thought it was bed bugs. So they bought the “Hot Shot bed bug” kit and no bed bugs… so we sprayed the room for the last 4 days so I slept on the couch in the family room. I woke up red welts bites on my arms…. They have a dog that has been itching it ear alot and biting it’s paw too. Now the dog has Cushings disease and is alot a diabetic… after reading your article it has dawned on me me and little Toula have the same problem. We’re “Bug Magnets”. I dunno how to tell the family, but it will be delicately lol

  9. Princess Fernandez
    Princess Fernandez March 18, 2014 at 6:18 pm | | Reply

    In my case, my dad is diabetic (Type 2), but he just won’t get bitten by the fleas on my dogs or in the backyard while me and the rest of my family aren’t diabetic we get bitten everywhere all the time. The most fleas do to my dad is jump or crawl on him, so whenever we get a lot of fleas in our backyard, we have my dad go outside to get or do stuff because we know he won’t get bitten.

    Maybe the fleas detect some other pheromone in my dad’s blood that turns them off or is blocking the diabetic smell from being detected by them???

  10. Gina
    Gina June 1, 2014 at 1:25 pm | | Reply

    I used to get bit by mosquitoes all the time. They would swell up like hot, itchy circles the size of quarters. I was even bit on top of my head by a Gallinipper! That thing swelled up like someone bonked me with a brick!
    Since I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago, I noticed that the mosquitoes will kind of bounce off me but not bite. We live in Detroit and there’s pleny of nasty standing water so there’s always a huge batch of mosquitoes every year from dirty neighbors and a stupid city that doesn’t do anything about standing water in marshy areas. So needless to say, we’re getting hit pretty hard with these little vampires. This year I’ve noticed they aren’t biting me. I’m wondering if it’s from the meds I take or the change in my diet? Not sure why they bing off me and don’t bite but I would sure love to find out why to help others. My blood is O Negative. Some people belive blood type has something to do with it but my Dad had AB Negative and my Mom was O Positive and they both got bitten the same. I think it’s something I’m taking or eating.

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