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  1. maritess
    maritess July 28, 2012 at 6:37 am | | Reply

    I believe Diabetes is an Emotional Disorder. Especially, when u r living alone and desolate (or, left for dead). Otherwise, we want to live and esp me, I want to live “abundantly” under God. I simply made up my mind. I did mentioned “desolate” cuz, it is the bare truth yet actually it is a blessing as a decree in *Leviticus 26. 35, 36. I have a proposal here for you or anyone to join in about creating a Blog or a Section/Link of this site to set up stores or Coop/Self Contained Produce (we grow our own, as some of these items are pretty expensive in stores!) …………….. across the nation for a “Watch Out For Your Heart of Gold” … or you may change the Name of store.
    The main Focus Item of this Coop will be a List of Food and Servings included, etcc., for all Diabetics. I will even go to the extent of finding a Grant! You may reach me discreetly at …. Every seed, crazy it may sound yet it will grow, and abundantly it will grow.

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