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  1. Arielle
    Arielle April 7, 2012 at 6:27 am | | Reply

    “All the current pumps assume that insulin given to cover food will get sucked up by the food, and the only spare insulin is the insulin taken for corrections. So they only track insulin from corrections.”

    That’s definitely not true for the Minimed–IOB includes food boluses. Gary Scheiner even says so in the link you provided: “With the Medtronic Paradigm pumps, all boluses (meal and correction) are taken into account when IOB is calculated.”

  2. Kelly Booth
    Kelly Booth April 7, 2012 at 6:50 am | | Reply

    @Arielle, what Wil said was that the IOB for corrections was the only IBO used in calculating corrections. That is exactly what Gar Scheiner states in the link Wil provided.

  3. Casabby
    Casabby April 7, 2012 at 7:58 am | | Reply

    On the home screen of the Medtronic Revel pump the Active Insulin number does include meal and correction bolus insulin. However, if I decide to eat more and put my new carbs into the bolus wizard, it will calculate the bolus for that food and disregard all the active insulin from my previous meal and correction bolus.

    So once you’re aware of the difference, you can take the Active Insulin into account as you determine your bolus and possibly override the Bolus Wizard on the bolus recommendation.

    So the information is there, but it’s probably only something that more advanced pumpers understand. It might be nice if there was a prompt somewhere in the Bolus Wizard calculation for the new carbs that would say: “you have .4 units of Active Insulin. Would you like to subtract this from your new bolus?”.

  4. Julia
    Julia April 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm | | Reply

    Our DD has used the Medtronic MM pump for five years, now using the Revel. At NO time did the Minimed pump neglect to calculate insulin on board from a meal bolus. All boluses (both correction and meal) are tracked. When you hit the ESCAPE button on the Revel you can immediately track IOB, among other things. The Animas pump also has always tracked all insulin on board. The only difference between the Medtronic and Animas pumps is that Animas will ALSO subtract for a blood sugar slightly below target, i.e., if your blood sugar is 80 and target is 100, Animas will give less insulin for your meal bolus. I was told the Minimed does not do this. Different meals require different boluses, I find. Cereal needs a heftier bolus than her current “correct: ICR would dictate. The ICR is not exact for all foods; not even close. It is the best option. You can easily go low or high, even counting carbs correctly. You can go low or high giving the same bolus and eating the exact same food. Perhaps a slight variation in activity is the cause. ICR is not exact; I find it to be a guestimate of the amount of insulin needed at any given time.

  5. James Miller
    James Miller April 8, 2012 at 7:23 am | | Reply

    Your reply to Jerry’s question helped me so much. I too was doing what had in the past helped control my type 2 diabetes. Like Jerry, i had stopped monitoring frequently for the same reason. My last doctor visit, my A1C was 8.3, much higher than I expected. So i have radically changed my diet and increased my exercise resulting in weight loss. My doctor and those self help books do not say that diabetes is ever progressive like you so clearly pointed out. At least now I understand that constant and frequent monitoring is part of my life and to expect my diabetes to progress. It makes it easier for me to rise to the challenge. Knowledge is indeed power. Thanks!

  6. Melitta
    Melitta April 9, 2012 at 11:10 am | | Reply

    Another possibility to consider with Jerry from California is that he does not have Type 2 diabetes, but has slow onset Type 1 diabetes. Don’t always assume that if a doctor has diagnosed a person as having Type 2 diabetes, but they need insulin rather quickly, that the person has Type 2. 10% of “Type 2s” are antibody positive, have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes, and have been misdiagnosed.

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