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  2. Scott S
    Scott S July 19, 2010 at 7:17 pm | | Reply

    In February 2010, Sanofi Aventis identified diabetes as a “top priority” in pharmaceuticals and established a global division to help the firm achieve its aim of becoming the #1 firm in the disease (see for that story), but historically speaking, the firm’s actions have been more questionable. For example, in 2004, an autoimmunity treatment specifically to treat LADA that is now in Phase III human clinical trials (being funded partially by Israeli drug giant Teva which now has rights to the drug) called DiaPep 277 was dropped by the firm then known as Aventis. At the time, the company said “At this point, Aventis has determined the development project no longer meets its corporate business priority criteria for progression, and has decided to focus on other compounds in its diabetes pipeline. Details were not disclosed.” (see for the news story on Aventis dumping the product). Of course, the company never did release any other compounds for diabetes, and some immediately questioned whether the company saw it as a threat to it’s Lantus and Apidra insulin analogue business. Given the fact that this drug is now in Phase III trials, it does look a tad suspicious as to what the company’s motivations really were, and why.

    There are also more than a few patients with type 1 diabetes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who were forced to turn to Polish insulin suppliers when Aventis knowingly dumped Semilente insulin “for business reasons”. Whether these moves can unseat leader Novo Nordisk A/S remains to be seen, but its clear from Sanofi’s recent reorganization and investments that the company wants a bigger piece of this market. But once trust has been lost, it has to be earned again.

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