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  1. Carol
    Carol September 1, 2011 at 3:39 pm | | Reply

    I’m not sure what state your in and I’m in California and have an HMO under Blue Shield. What I do know that if your insurance company denied it, you need to have your physician do what’s called a Prior Authorization/Prescription override. Basically, if your doctor is saying you can take Victoza over Byetta for whatever medical reason, no insurance company ANYWHERE has the authority to deny you. They may not cover it at a specific level on your plan as a formulary/non-formulary drug, since Victoza is not available in generic form as yet. I don’t know what insurance in fact could with this process have the nerve to deny anyone, so get your doctor involved again. I would call the doctor’s office say that the Victoza was denied and ask is there a way you can receive a PA from the doctor to be approved for the drug. Then they should cover it at the co-pay amount. As I read these postings and realize that anyone who has insurance has to pay more than a brand co-pay, it’s OBSURD. I am sorry if someone doesn’t have health insurance and needs this medication to sincerely help them lower their blood sugar/a1c, but this $400-$700 for this injectible is just plain ole pharma robbery at its finest.

  2. Carol
    Carol September 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm | | Reply

    P.S. There are no pre-existing conditions. Medications are approved by the FDA EVERY DAY and Victoza is the new kid on the block in the USA. I was on Byetta before and my endo changed me to Victoza because he said it had more success with weight-loss than Byetta (which can make you gain weight) and that’s why he changed my medication. I think that I need to change my diet altogether though and go on the Dr. Joel Fuhrmann plan with the salad with everything in it plan because my metabolism is THAT SLOW!

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  4. Christaneka
    Christaneka September 4, 2011 at 6:25 am | | Reply

    My PCP started me on Victoza in April 2011. I’ve not had any bad side effects from it. Although I’ve had plenty of good side effect from it. In addition to lowering my blood sugars, It has decreased my appetite a lot, so my portions are naturally smaller. Before starting Victoza I craved sweets 24/7, now I hardly ever want them & when I do they are so sweet to me that I only eat a bite or so. The same goes for salty foods, since Victoza I’m really sensitive to salt, & only use a tiny bit or it’s so salty I can’t eat it. Also the first 4 months on it I lost 30 lbs., & I’m still losing!

    When my PCP initially told me about Victoza he gave me an information packet to take home and think about it for a month. In the packed it warned practically on every other page about the possibility of pancreatitis and thyroid cancer. It was a hard decision but in the end it was the right one for me :)

  5. Carol We
    Carol We September 6, 2011 at 3:27 pm | | Reply

    Hi – I am starting to think that if you have no ugly side effects (like nausea or vomiting) then you lose no weight. I have been on it for a few months now. Blood glucose numbers better. So – yea! No side effects. No weight loss. What do you notice?

  6. Christaneka
    Christaneka September 7, 2011 at 9:32 am | | Reply

    @ Carol … I HAVE NOT had any bad side effects like nausea or vomiting and I have lost 50 lbs so far. :0)

    1. Lori
      Lori February 7, 2012 at 11:25 am | | Reply

      Dr wants me to start this, got two months supply today from her. I am sacred after reading about the nausea and pancreatic? How long for you to lose the 50 pounds.

  7. Christaneka
    Christaneka September 7, 2011 at 9:38 am | | Reply

    @ Carol … I’ve been losing about 10 lbs a month since April. I’m worried about when it’s gonna stop.

  8. Lisa S
    Lisa S September 8, 2011 at 1:53 pm | | Reply

    Hi everyone. I have a question for all. Has anyone experienced a sore throat with the use of Victoza? I all of a sudden got a sore throat about three weeks ago and still have it. It is not constant everytime I swallow but I feel it sore everyday. I just wondered if this was possibly a side-effect and had anyone else experienced anything like it or similiar. I go to my endo Monday and am anxious for results and to see how much weight loss since I was there last. The first month of Victoza I didn’t have any. I feel like I have lost but I felt like that then too. Will post my results after endo visit. My PCP last week was very positive. He was excstatic with my numbers and so am I.

  9. Beckie Parker
    Beckie Parker September 9, 2011 at 7:00 am | | Reply

    Sore throat is a side effect listed on this website and says you are to let your Dr. know immediately.


  10. LYNNE H
    LYNNE H September 9, 2011 at 7:55 am | | Reply

    I have a question-I was under the impression that one pen would last a month, in 10 days at the highest dosage I was out-

  11. mikeC
    mikeC September 9, 2011 at 9:49 am | | Reply

    Took my first (0.6) dose this morning. Feeling nausea from anxiety over whether I am going to feel nausea. Actually, the only thing Ive noticed so far is a strange after taste and a touch of lightheadedness.
    T1. 26 years. age 39.

  12. Gina
    Gina September 9, 2011 at 10:24 am | | Reply

    @ Becky. My Endo does a sono gram of my thyroid to rule out anything wrong with it. Let your dr know about your sore throat. I had a sore throat also, but it was due to allergies.

    @ Lynn. No, 1 pen last 10 – 11 days. It comes in a pack of 3 pens for a month. So, for a 3 month supply I get 3 boxes with 3 pens each = to 9 pens.

    @ Mike. I didn’t get any side effects. Just make sure to check your sugar especially if you are on other meds. V produces the same hormone our pancress produces so it can make T Cells which in turn makes insulin. So, if you are on other meds you can have a drop in blood sugar fast. So, be careful. Your Doctor would need to adjust your med accordingly.

  13. Christaneka
    Christaneka September 9, 2011 at 2:47 pm | | Reply

    Question . . . What time of day do you take your V shot?

    My Dr. told me anytime a day I chose was fine and then stick to that time. I’m wondering if there are better times of day to take it than others.

    Has anyone noticed V working better according to different times you use it?

    I used to take mine first thing in the morning as soon as I got up, but now I take it more in the middle of the day, and it seems to me that it worked better for me when I took it first thing in the am.

    What about you?

  14. Jody C.
    Jody C. September 10, 2011 at 8:02 pm | | Reply

    Been a long time since I posted here. Victoza is still working well for me. I take the 1.2mg dose.

    I also use Metformin and Glypizide. I monitor my BG very carefully every day and if it’s running high, I take a little extra Glypizide BEFORE a meal and that helps bring it down.

    In my experience, I found that I felt nauseous when I didn’t push my plate back soon enough. It’s that simple, if you eat too much, you’re likely to feel nauseous. I’ve also found that walking helps when you feel nauseous.

    I also found that the side effects were minimized by increasing the dose slowly. I would increase 2 clicks every other day until you get to the new dose.

    If your insurance co. won’t pay for it, have your Dr contact them. Mine refused at first, but after my Dr told them that I have already been on everything else and that I either couldn’t tolerate it or it wasn’t working and they agreed to cover it.

    The pen you are using does not need to be refrigerated. All the info you need about that is in the pamphlet that comes in the box with the pen. (You did read that didn’t you?)

    I wish you all good luck in controlling your diabetes and your diet!


  15. Sam
    Sam September 12, 2011 at 5:59 am | | Reply

    Comment is to Lisa S. It looks like that you are having one of the symtoms
    that Victoza recomends that you need to see ypur Doctor. Sore throat for an exteended period time may mean that you are having a reaction to Victoza.
    Check the side effects on

  16. mikeC
    mikeC September 12, 2011 at 6:44 am | | Reply

    day 4. still T1. definitely have a nasty taste/dryness in the mouth pretty much non-stop. I cant eat nearly what I used to. blood sugars have been amazing. only once over the last 4 days was I over 180, which for me is abnormal. I dropped my basal rates by 0.25 across the board and changed my correction ration from 18:1 to 25:1.

    Question for the masses: Are there diminishing returns? I mean, do the effects continue or do you start needing more and more? Also, to anyone else with the bad taste, does it start to fade or does stay with you long term?

  17. Dominique
    Dominique September 12, 2011 at 7:21 am | | Reply

    @ Mike C – I started slow 0.6 now i’m on 1.25 – BSG is beautifully steady – the mouth dryness started after I upped to 1.25 – i had some nausea in the beginning and hoping the dryness goes away soon. So far been on Victoza 2 months – I hope the magic stays!

  18. alice
    alice September 12, 2011 at 10:35 am | | Reply

    victoza was good for me gcoped with all the usual foul burps and sickness, sugars went way down, BUT it started to cause major heart probs ie , racing and breathless when even going to the next room,have had a screening blood test and theres damage ,need a echo cardi beware of this side effect,please contact me if you have also had this ,it would be intresting to find out

  19. Katy
    Katy September 12, 2011 at 7:05 pm | | Reply

    Lou—yes, the temp of the med can alter its effectiveness….hopefully you can get through to the pharmacy to correct that!

    Ok, well…..with the added Actos to my Victoza 1.8 and changing to the smallest needle….I am running 80-120′s AC. My average 6 weeks ago was 230. 4 weeks later average was 179. 2 weeks later 139!!!!! I am too excited. I’ve been on V since 7/7! I had the GI symptoms, but they’ve greatly subsided. I’m anxious to see what the A1C will be when it’s been long enough to check it! I initially lost 14 lbs., but none since. I am going to keep on moving forward. I just exercised and it was 66..felt sort of bad so I drank a cup of apple juice brought it up to 84…playing the waiting game now! Ok, everybody hang in there and good luck to all. This is a disease that can either control you or you can control it….Still a work in progress!!!!

  20. brycie
    brycie September 13, 2011 at 10:31 am | | Reply

    Hi All -

    Mike – bad taste and rotten egg burps was horrible at times but faded away – if you read back thru these posts you will see where many had them but faded away. What is T1?? not a familiar term to me. also I think the results diminish a little and then you increase to next dose. At least that has been my experiance- now going to 1.8 dose slowly. started V in Feb. Don’t know what is next step – I guess we are the test group – I believe the plan is to get us at a normal weight and decrease effect of Diabetes 2 and then possibly end the V when wgt and metabolism are controlled- At least that woould be for type 2 people – the literature I’ve read says it’s not rec for people with type 1 and taking insulin

    Still increasing my dose to 1.8 going very slow , a click increase every 4-5days. trying to avoid the side effects this time. so far so good with exception of someincreased tired ness in the late afternoon. have to push my self after work to get going on the farm chores. some times its really a struggle to not head to the couch. but had this side effect last time I increased dose – just frustrating. Also wish weight would drop faster. Dr is happy but I would like to see more – I know patience..

  21. Lisa S
    Lisa S September 13, 2011 at 11:42 am | | Reply

    Hi all, went to endo yesterday for 2 mth check. Since I was there in July I had lost 13 pounds. My A1c was 6.2. My endo was so happy and so was I. I am on 1.8 units. I was hoping they would decrease my Humalog 75/25 insulin a little more but they left everything as is. I don’t go back for three months. I hope this all continues. I don’t want to go back to where I came from. My bs run anywhere from 80′s to 90′s. It was 101 this am but I had pasta last night and three cookies in celebration. Bad move I guess. He did start cholesterol meds even though it is only 110 because in diabetics they like it 100 or below and like I said in previous post my triglycerides have really gone up and it’s not because of what I am eating as that is the bare minimum. I don’t understand that and I really hate to start another pill but I guess I will. Keep up the faith V users. May you have a blessed day!

  22. mikeC
    mikeC September 13, 2011 at 2:36 pm | | Reply

    brycie, T1 is type-1 diabetic. I know this is supposed to be for Type 2s (T2), but they have found T1s definitely are receiving benefits as well. (appetite suppressant, glucagon inhibitor, etc.) I am on my fifth day and I have had to lower my basal rates and my correction boluses across the board. Glucose levels are better, appetite is gone. (first time in 39 years that I have had to force myself to eat). Only bad parts have been the heartburn and nausea mixed together (they seem to be more prevalent with processed food – which is a good way to force myself to eat better)

  23. Sarah
    Sarah September 18, 2011 at 7:11 am | | Reply

    I’m off Victoza for good and I have 2 unopened leftover pens in my refrigerator. Since they are kind of expensive, if anyone in the central Ohio area would like them, they’re yours free. I just don’t want to have to ship them anywhere.

  24. lynne h.
    lynne h. September 18, 2011 at 11:16 am | | Reply

    Hi all!
    I am almost at the 3 month point of taking Victoza-so far, I have lost 28 lbs. I just had an A1C test last week and it has gone from 7.6 to 6.2 I am not sure what this is,( I see my Endo this Weds and will ask) but, does anyone know what eAG and TSH mean? Whatever they are, they have gone down-
    I did cheat on my diet sometimes but I did hope for a lower A1C-but, I think it was pretty good, do you? Thanks for your thoughts.

  25. Gina
    Gina September 19, 2011 at 11:16 am | | Reply

    @ Lynne H. You did great on your A1C and lost 28lbs WOW!! Good for you. A1C is the sugar count for 3 months. 5.6 and lower means less chance in getting Diabetes. So, our goal would be that and lower.
    TSH is thyroid don’t know what eAG is.
    Good luck everyone.

  26. FishDoc
    FishDoc September 21, 2011 at 9:56 pm | | Reply

    I was prescribed Victoza today but am concerned about long-term health risks, especially pancreatitis since I have had gallstones and high triglycerides and already have permanent constipation due to gastroparesis. I feel good now and would hate to take anything that would make me worse off (I am 70 yrs of age). My blood sugars are usually around 110 in the morning but go up to 230′s after some meals. I wish there were more human trials and some trials with gastroparesis patients.

  27. Lisa S
    Lisa S September 23, 2011 at 7:32 am | | Reply

    Hi everyone, I have a question. I wasn’t feeling well last night and so after injecting my Victoza I laid the pen down on the table and forgot to put it bak in the refrigerator until this morning. Do you think the pen is okay to continue to use? Please advise and thank you.

  28. Dominique
    Dominique September 23, 2011 at 8:32 am | | Reply

    Hi Lisa

    My doc said to keep new un-used in refrigerator until i use, once i have used it can be out of refrigerator – i read that too – as long as it doesn get above 80 degrees your ok. I keep mine in my nite stand.

    Been on it 2 months now – lose weight – BG normals – A1c 6.4

  29. canyonblue77
    canyonblue77 September 23, 2011 at 11:50 am | | Reply

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TWO YEARS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    That's how long I've been on V. And I STILL love it! It is very expensive but it is the only prescription I've used that lets me feel normal. I can eat small amounts of ice cream and potato chips again and not wake up with a bs of 250. i've had absolutely NO negative side effects, but don't use me as the example… I never get headaches, never even had one. And I get sick maybe once every 3 years. Slight brusing at the injection sites but doctor tells me it's normal as long as it doesn't itch. I lost about 10 lbs since the begining but most of that occured in the first 90 days… but I'm only 160 anyway. Also my apetite came back, the first few weeks I would sit down and eat 5 bites and put my fork down… now I go back for seconds (ok… sometimes thirds). I had a really bad 6 months between Jan and June of 2011, missing doses due to affordability and eating from depression… My AIC went up but it was still a satisfactory 6.2; When I was perfect on it I got all the way down to 5.7!!! Also after two years I am still on the 1.2 dose, i beleive that if the effects start to wear off I'll be able to get a few more months out of it by bumping up to the 1.8. (FYI I have heard several reports of the drug losing it's effectiveness over time, My Mom is one, she had to switch to something else)
    As long as Victoza works and as long as I can afford it, I will take it!

  30. pdiaz
    pdiaz September 25, 2011 at 6:49 pm | | Reply

    I started using this about 2 weeks now. And it does work.
    I have combined it with daly walking and watching my food intake.
    I was told by my doctor to continue taking Metformin as well.
    I used to get stuck at 180-200 sugar count.
    Now it’s controlled from 78-116 reading.

    A mind set of watching what you eat and daily work out is the key.
    As for me Metformin alone was not enough.
    But when I started using Victoza, it sure worked!

  31. Paul Vider
    Paul Vider September 26, 2011 at 4:29 pm | | Reply

    To All:

    1st post: My BF AM numbers were about 180-200 and then after I ate they where 235 or so. I have been on Victoza for about two weeks now. My BF AM numbers today were 119. I also notice that my diabetic meds in the AM are workin better and bring the AM numbers down where they wouldn’t help me before. I have lost 3 pounds so far and I am stuffed after I eat now. I have lost my desire to eat, but food still tastes good. I did have a headache as a side effect for a fews days. I am very hopefull. I am also on Jenny Craig to help with my diet and I walk 2 miles a day or more.

    2 nd post:
    WOW is all I can say. I have been on Victoza 1.8 dose for about a week now. No more headaches. I am not even hungry but force my self to eat.
    I have lost 5 pounds and it’s been easy for me. My BF AM numbers are down around 129-135 and they usually stay low around 150 after AM food. They were 180-200 AM BF. My 5 PM numbers are 80-110 from 150-160 or so. My 10 PM numbers are 120-130 from 190-220 or so. My morning numbers seem to stay around what I leave my 10 PM numbers. My other meds are working better too. It amazing, My energy level is better too. I was a little concerned about the possible health issues with taking Victoza. It all seems to be working and I am on my way down to a better goal weight. This is my last hope before insulin like many of you. It’s working, I asked my body to accept the drug. I put my trust and hope in GOD too. I will keep you all posted. I am happy you are out there this blog has helped me with all of the comments. Keep them coming! Thanks Paul

    3rd Post: 3rd week on Victoza 1.8 dose. The weight is coming off 7 pounds now, no desire to eat. I am still on the Jenny Craig diet which is hard for me now trying to eat all of the food (1500 CAl). My BF AM number have been as low as 109 where they were around 200. My 5PM numbers are 80-110 and my other type II meds are working better in the AM & PM. This is going the way I hoped it might as I lose the weight my numbers are coming down. I feel better too, no serious side effects. I have always struggled to lose weight, as I never feel full, so this great for me. If things keep going this way!!!! So far very much worth any suffering I have gone through. Good luck to all, please keep the comments coming! Thanks Paul

    4th post:

    WOW again, its been about 10 months or so on Victoza. I had to write this note and let others know that I have been able to get my weight down to 190 from 208 since I started. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my BS in the AM around 110-140, it was always 160 or higher and them climbed to 220 or so after eating BF. I have noticed my BS at 110 around noon I was lucky to be around 180 before I started Victoza. I am seeing BS around 70-80 at 5 PM now and used to be around 150 or so or higher. My other medications are working much better I believe Victoza is working for me. I continue to be hopeful as I read what others are saying. Victoza is helping me to lose weight, which appeared impossible for me. I am carrying candy to take for my low BS in the PM, I never thought I would see the day when I had low BS issues. I hope this helps others out there! Please keep the comments coming. Thanks Paul

  32. Carol We
    Carol We September 29, 2011 at 1:57 pm | | Reply

    Hi all – still good numbers, still no weight loss, but I love my good numbers! Problem now is that I turned 65, am on medicare, and have the AARP Medicare Suppliment at about $100.00 per month and the AARP Rx Plan for another $100.00 per month. Now all my brand name meds cost a LOT more, and they won’t let me have Victoza at all. My doctor is appealing it. Anybody else appeal? Did you get it? How much does it cost now? Thanks -Carol We

  33. Pam
    Pam October 3, 2011 at 4:30 am | | Reply

    Just started Victoza. Dr. wanted me to start at the max. dose but I felt awful so I went back to min. dose and felt better for the first fews days. Tried to up dose but am going back as I’m having lots of stomach pain and cramping. My concern is pancreatic cancer due to strong family history. Has anyone read anything about recurring pancreatitis and cancer link. I’m very happy with the supression of hunger, can’t believe I don’t really care if I eat or not. Have to say that is is first in my lifetime, but I am concerned about the stomach pain.

  34. Melissa
    Melissa October 3, 2011 at 12:21 pm | | Reply

    Hi!! I have been on Victoza for 5 weeks… It has really curbed my appitite, but my morning numbers are still pretty high…158 this morning…BUT, they used to be over 200, so they are coming down…I lost 7 lbs in the first month!! I just started the max dose, and besides a little stomach upset I am fine!! looking forward to another Dr visit to see how much i have lost!! Take care!

  35. shauna
    shauna October 11, 2011 at 10:50 am | | Reply

    Just checking in to report than after four months on V I’m down 27 pounds, and my fasting blood sugar at a recent doctor appt was 97 with an a1c of 5.4. Nausea has subsided for the most part, appetite is back (although not entirely) and I feel better than I have in years.

  36. Marge
    Marge October 11, 2011 at 1:18 pm | | Reply

    Hi all started Victoza about two weeks ago…My Bs levels are extremely high still readings 250-380 ranges…fasting still 263-320 am at the max dose 1.8 and still BS levels still high. Am a patient mocing from insulin of 50units am and 40pm…totally off insulin but not sure Victoza is for me.

    Shouldn’t I be seeing lowere blow sugars by now?

  37. Melissa
    Melissa October 11, 2011 at 3:17 pm | | Reply

    Marge– It took about a month for my bs levels to come down.. I still havent gotten them where they should be, but it is slowly getting better… I have been taking insulin also, especially in the pm… BUT it is drastically lower than before V… I was taking 240 units a day of novolog, now I take 40-80 units a day!! what a change!! I still feel sleepy alot, but slowly that is getting better… The biggest thing for ME is that I do not have the cravings I had before!! I am eating half as much as I was!! If only I could get more energy i would be perfect!! Give it time…and Good luck!!

  38. lynne h.
    lynne h. October 11, 2011 at 4:43 pm | | Reply

    Finally! I tried Byetta for a month and did not have results like I did on Victoza, but my insurance company wouldn’t pay for Victoza. After trying Byetta for a month, my Endo called my insurance company and they finally ok”d it! And, the co-pay is also lower, from $45 a box of 3 pens to $25! I am surprised because all my7 meds that are not generic are $45! I hope others who have been denied by their insurance companies keep trying-Victoza lowers my number snad I have never had energy like this for a very long time.

  39. lynne h.
    lynne h. October 11, 2011 at 4:45 pm | | Reply

    I just looked at what I posted- trying to type too fast! I meant to say “my other meds that are not generic” and “my numbers and I have”

  40. Les
    Les October 13, 2011 at 6:43 am | | Reply

    I know this is a Victoza site, not a diet site. (Notice that’s not stopping me from posting this.) I was told early on to eat some protein when I have carbs…if I eat fruit I have a piece of lowfat cheese. It’s worked for me…my postprandial spikes all but stopped. That said…I’ll fight to the death to stay on Victoza. It gave me my life back. 174 lbs down.

  41. Marge
    Marge October 13, 2011 at 8:52 am | | Reply

    What? Les how much was your weight before? My weight is currently 452 and I wish, oh I wish I could get it to at least 175. I would love to know how it feels to be small….was obeste my entire life and I totally HATE it.

    Thanks Melissa for your comment…my appetite has left the building! but my high sugar levels and still seated :)

  42. Kay
    Kay October 14, 2011 at 4:38 am | | Reply

    I started at the .6 dose and after 2 weeks increased to the 1.2 dosage. Since the increase I have had mild nausea and gas which I can live with. What is really troubling is the awful rotten taste I have in my mouth and the foul burping. I know Victoza slows the emptying of our stomachs – I feel like the food is just laying there rottening! Also I have reduced movements which is adding to this feeling. I feel gross. The posts talk about nausea and head aches. Has anyone had my response and did it eventually go away?

  43. Pam
    Pam October 14, 2011 at 8:50 am | | Reply

    I started Victoza about a month ago. Not really losing weight like so many of you but I think it is due to extreme constipation. I need to take stool softener just to get anything out, but I don’t think I should keep taking it everyday. Extra fiber maybe? Any suggestions would be great! Also, I’m on synthroid and noticed extreme fatigue with I did the injection in the morning. I switched injection to early afternoon and it seems to be okay. Anyone else on this same combo? No insulin, just the Victoza and Synthroid. Thanks!

  44. Judith
    Judith October 14, 2011 at 9:35 am | | Reply


    I have been on Victoza for a year. I had severe constipation when I first started Victoza. I’m only on .06, by the way. My endo said, “That’s weird, since diarrhea is a side effect.” I still would have constipation if I didn’t start using something. I started using mineral oil every night and that helped, but like you was worried about becoming dependent on it. So I now I chew up a couple of Fiber Choice tablets each night and those work great! Additionally, I think I am the only person on Victoza who has actually GAINED weight! Despite not eating as much and eating more healthy, to my amazement I have gained about 5 pounds over the year since being on Victoza. I get nauseated if I eat too much and eating red meat makes me nauseated. So my diet is almost vegan with the addition of occasional chicken.

  45. Brian
    Brian October 17, 2011 at 7:23 am | | Reply

    I started taking this at the beginning of September. Since then I have stopped taking 3 other meds. I have lost 15 pounds to date. I had bad cramps at bed time the first two nights. Loose bowl can be a problem if you go off your diet and a real fatty meal. Once I lose 15 more pounds I know I will be off my BP meds as well. Nice thing is the weight loss has been free. I don’t have to work at it. Like many I had bruising at the injection site, but eliminated it by slowly injecting one click and a pause.
    I almost forgot to say I started at the .625 MG half dose and never had to increase to the full dose of .125 MG. Half the Victroza, minus oral meds equals a win-win for me.

  46. Nancy
    Nancy October 17, 2011 at 9:23 am | | Reply

    Read the blog for the first time in a couple of months. I had to get off V due to elevated heartrate and palpatations, and have been off for 2.5 months or so. It would leave me breathless, and I’d wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding. All of this went away, but it took a few weeks for it to go completely. I lost almost 15 lbs while on V, and am still losing, although at a much lower rate. I’m now down almost 20 lbs. What V did for me was get me started on weight loss. Since I was eating so much less, I began to eat better (more fruits and veggies), and fewer carbs. Did you know that eating carbs not only raises blood sugar, they can actually make you gain more weight. One note though. More protien is good (with fewer carbs), but don’t go too far with cutting out carbs. Try to keep them to less than 135 per day. You need carbs for your brain to function properly, and protien can be tough on your kidneys, and we all know what diabetes can do to our kidneys!

    All this from my doc, and my experience of 45 years as a T1 diabetic. My doc is a nationally recognized in this field, and is medical director of the diabetes clinic that I go to. On the subject of refrigeration…not necessary when actively using a pen (or bottle, much like you would keep your insulin), for up to 30 days, as long as the temps where it is kept are lower than 86 degrees. You don’t want it to freeze, or get too hot. FYI, cold insulin gets more bubbles, which is important if you use an insulin pump, as I do, and it can be more painful to inject, which is just logical. And yes, T1′s do use V, although that usage is not yet approved by the FDA, and has not be studied thoroughly at this point.

    Sorry, I know this is the V site, but so many diabetics don’t go to a specialist, and frankly, if you have good insurance, it’s not much more expensive! I pay about $20 (all specific clinic fees) more to see my specialist than I do to see my primary care physician. It’s made a world of difference for me. So, weight down (10%), much better BS’s (even after going off V), and what the heck, a new wardrobe too! As a woman, you gotta love it. One more thing….I got a chuckle out of someone saying that their BS’s were still high in the morning….158. That’s average for a lot of T1′s, which would put your A1C at about 6.9 to 7.1. Good luck and blessings to all!

  47. Donna
    Donna October 17, 2011 at 11:12 am | | Reply

    I am on week 2 and I have had nausea pretty much every day. I haven’t noticed any bruising at the injection site but then again so overweight, I can’t see my belly (joke). I have lost a couple of pounds and seriously do not want to eat but know that I have to. I have been getting hearburn more often so I will take someones suggestion and eat slower and remember not to overeat. Maybe that will help. My blood sugars in the morning are under 100 and still watching my after meals. I was planning on taking my shot at bedtime which had been suggested to curb the nausea. My verdict is still unsure but after reading all the “Good things” about V, I am sure I will take just to make myself healthy again. Thank you everyone for the inspirational input.

  48. Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy October 18, 2011 at 2:13 pm | | Reply

    Victoza was okay for a year , lost 15 lbs, then my glucose levels skyrocketed. I was then put onto 100 units of insulin per day for one month it has had no effect and my glucose levels are rising off the scale, doctors do not care!

  49. Sue
    Sue October 18, 2011 at 2:46 pm | | Reply

    To: Michael
    Wow – sounds like something is going on…….are you seeing a specialist?? 100 units of insulin a day sounds exorbitant . I think you need to change doctors – and find a good one this time.

  50. Melissa
    Melissa October 19, 2011 at 9:57 pm | | Reply

    Hi all!!
    I have been on V for 2 months!! BUT, I had terrible heartburn at night and felt lousy BECAUSE I wasn’t sleeping well… SO, on Monday I started taking it at B-fast…and I have felt pretty good ALL week!! my sugars have been a little spikey, but hopefully will come back down!! And did I mention I am sleeping SO MUCH BETTER!! going to the Dr Friday to “check in”
    PLEASE keep writing here!! Your posts really inspire me and I don’t feel alone in my struggles!!
    Melissa in STL

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