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  1. saramy
    saramy February 2, 2010 at 11:36 am | | Reply

    Although you didn’t state it outright, it sounds like your husband is still trying to get the Lyme on the run for which I am very sorry. I have a weekend home in a lovely part of Connecticut where half the people are weekenders from New York City and 4 out of 5 of the locals have contracted Lyme, but when I got it I couldn’t get my NYC doctor to pay attention despite having a classic case and telling him outright that I was pretty sure I had it. He told me to go get a massage and wouldn’t bother to even test me, telling me to come back if I didn’t feel better after the massage and a week had passed. WTF? I had the worst neck ache I’d ever had, couldn’t move my head and had NO energy whatsoever – in short, I was very very sick (and yes he knows I’m a PWD too). This guy is no longer my doctor. AFter his blow off, I immediately drove to CT where the doctor who saw me knew what to do. It’s a horrible disease and if doctors in NYC, so close to areas with rampant problems aren’t dialing in I shudder to think of other areas where Lyme is recognized.

    Prayers for your husband’s FULL recovery. It does ebb and flow and tests can show when it’s active. Good luck.

  2. Dorothy Leland
    Dorothy Leland February 2, 2010 at 11:56 am | | Reply

    For people who want more information about Lyme disease:

    Good sources of info about Lyme disease:

  3. Alison
    Alison February 2, 2010 at 3:32 pm | | Reply

    I too brought Lyme disease home from Germany as a souvenier of my holiday there in 2007!
    I think I have finally found a doctor this side of the pond who understands the disease. He is in Seattle which is quite a trek from central Alberta but since “Lyme does not exist in most of Canada” we have to travel for treatment.
    I would like to add a couple more sites about Lyme disease to your list
    Looking at Lyme –
    Eurolyme is also useful as they have members from across europe.

    If you sign up on google alerts for Lyme disease you might be even more amazed than you are already as to how much information is available “out there”
    Hang in there, you are not alone in this battle


    1. Dani
      Dani March 28, 2012 at 11:48 pm | | Reply

      Alison there is a naturopath in Calgary that is experienced with treating lyme. I am hoping to go there soon as lyme does not exsist at all in Saskachewan :0( I know that I have it but am having a hard time finding someone, anyone close that knows anything at all about it as my frist test came back negative my Dr says. I refuse to give up, I refuse to live like this!
      The web site is
      Her name is Aparna Taylor
      Sunridge Mall
      1287 Sunridge Mall NE
      Calgary, AL
      T1Y 5T4
      Best of luck, stay strong, you are not alone!
      Phone: (403) 293-4404
      Fax: (403) 293-4401

  4. xim1970
    xim1970 February 2, 2010 at 5:26 pm | | Reply

    Hi Amy.
    I think this is a great place to post something non-diabetes related. as it affects you and your family. You’ve been a great source of information. Why not educate some others on an obscure. but frequently written about. disease? While I don’t have Lyme disease myself. I wish your husband well. as a member of the D community!
    Mike C

  5. Cherise
    Cherise February 3, 2010 at 9:41 pm | | Reply


    You can write about anything you want! It’s your blog:) i read about your husband being dx’d with Lyme Disease…hugs and prayers for the both of you. Wow, Lyme disease is a butt kicker…yikes. See of you wouldn’t have posted info about it, I wouldn’t have known.

  6. Emily
    Emily February 5, 2010 at 4:21 am | | Reply

    Reading your husbands post is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences so openly and honestly.

  7. Randy
    Randy February 7, 2010 at 9:41 am | | Reply

    I’m form rural PA and also suffering from Lyme. Did you know that NY has the highest number of reported cases of Lyme each year? PA is second with about 5000 cases in 2008. The CDC estimates that only about 10% are reported meaning that >50,000 a year are infected in PA. Good luck.

  8. Torrs
    Torrs April 25, 2010 at 9:25 am | | Reply

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 last year. Since then my youngest son was killed. The grief is overwhelming. Would this affect the diabetes. How does one know if one is depressed or not?

  9. Stef
    Stef January 29, 2011 at 5:13 pm | | Reply

    I am type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. It nearly killed me, especially since it wreaked havoc on my diabetes. 14 hospitalizations later, 5 of them in the ICU, I had finally been diagnosed after 5 months. That was in August of 2009, and I’m still on antibiotics. Talk about medical drama, and insurance woes…I feel terrible for you and your family’s misfortune of “meeting” Lyme Disease. I will pray for you, pray for recovery and offer my best wishes, always.

    1. Miriam hart
      Miriam hart January 7, 2012 at 2:40 pm | | Reply

      Hi there, my sister also has diabetes type 1 and Lyme disease. She is about to start treatment for the Lyme. I would really like to get more info from anyone with this combination of illness because it really complicates things. Can I contact u through email?

  10. Jill
    Jill September 26, 2011 at 1:49 pm | | Reply

    I have type 1 diabetes, diagnosed in my 40s. I’m on the pump and continuous glucose meter and have learned to “mostly” manage my disease. I have been very ill for two years and a year ago it was diagnosed as lyme disease and various other coinfections. Living with Lyme is about a hundred times worse than living with diabetes, at least for me. I’m trying to research how Lyme affects blood sugar when a herx (worsening of symptoms, but means you’re getting better) episode occurs. So far, no luck. My most obvious lyme symptom initially was severe fatigue, just slept or had to lay down all the time. Then it moved to joint pain, tremors, floating spots in vision and really, really poor balance. The brain fog is unbelievable. I have a good Lyme doc, btw. Anybody out there find any interesting info regarding patients that have both diabetes and lyme?

  11. Chuck
    Chuck October 3, 2011 at 2:05 pm | | Reply

    Some one had writen about the 14 hospital visits and the ICU units. If this person would not mind I just got back from the hospital yesterday from my my 2nd in 3 months. They just blew it off saying it was was DKA did they tell you that. Also did you get bit again or because all the meds they gave you finaly wore off and it came back.Because there are alot of ticks aroud here and I like to go fishing. I’ve pulled plenty off. Thanks for your time and good luck

  12. Miriam
    Miriam January 7, 2012 at 2:45 pm | | Reply

    Hi Amy could you give us an update on your Lyme situation now? I would really like to hear more about how it’s going?

  13. sherre
    sherre March 8, 2013 at 10:20 pm | | Reply

    I am a type 1 diabetic.I was diaganosed with lymes disease in 2012.The lymes disease made my blood sugar drop low all the time.I did about 4 months of antibiotics.I still have times when my blood sugar is so low no matter what i eat.

  14. Jodie Donnelly
    Jodie Donnelly May 28, 2013 at 7:49 pm | | Reply

    Many who have been diagnosed with Diabetes are now being diagnosed with Lyme, as are so many with other “unknown caused autoimmune disease”(UCDs)wouldn’t it be wonderful if people stopped believing all of the myths circulated about Borrelia and Co-infections/Lyme disease (B&Cs/LD)designed to take the focus off the truth about these infections, such as the UCD’s have no cause, are on the rise and have no explanation. When the masses realise that it only benefits the big pharma,specialist and certain researching cash cows to claim all of these things have “no known cause”. Imagine if most of us realised that identifying and treating this infection early before it created so many of these”unknown caused conditions” Imagine how many less chronically ill people there would be. But hold on that would not be as beneficial/money spinning for big pharma as the majority of the population needing to buy multiple disease managing drugs for the rest of their life. Staying ongoing never ending customers relying upon so many different drugs for supposedly different reasons. And think of how many Specialists would not have their clinics/surgery waiting rooms full if all of the so called “unknown caused conditions” they have given fancy names to become rare, because sufferers realise the spirochete/infection causing their conditions/diseases is not rare, but rife, easily caught, because birds carry Borrelia and co-infections (B&Cs/LD)and come equipped with numerous vectors of (B&Cs/LD). Imagine the masses finally wake up and realise many of these things can be treated quite easily in the early stages of the infection that causes them and that there ongoing often unbearable suffering was/is avoidable . Oh and I imagine the charities raking in trillions of dollars every year, still claiming now and for decades that their cash cow has “no known cause” and that they are still looking for one. Imagine how many of them would be out of job. Don’t let our pain, misery and suffering or that of our children interfere with those above getting filthy rich. I am sure there wealth and jobs are more important. Imagine if all of that charity given with all good intentions went towards the known cause of most of these conditions/diseases. Borrelia and co-infections/Lyme disease. But this could not be happening,as we are not that stupid and our Government, Medical Authorites, etc wouldn’t allow such a thing. They have never done anything like this before, or we would know about it and put an end to it, wouldn’t we?
    As John would say, Imagine all the people living life without suffering and pain. Ohhh oooooo.

  15. Kristine
    Kristine July 31, 2014 at 7:00 am | | Reply

    Good Morning,
    I was hoping for some advice on advanced Lyme’s and how it affects your sugar levels. I was diagnosed in 12/13, but the estimate I had the disease 6-12mo prior. I am allergic to most antibiotics I ever come in contact with, but was treated with Doxycycline and another one (can’t recall the name). The second of the two was stronger and through a pic line. There was never a period, where my symptoms have disappeared. I’ve always experienced all, if not most of the symptoms associated with Lyme’s. You name the reaction and I’ve had it. They did; however, seem to disparate some. As time has past, I have had an increase in the severity of my symptoms and seemingly so, it appears there is no end in sight. I attempted another round of the Doxycycline, but I seem to be allergic to that, as it made me worse. I’m now unable to eat, without being nauseated, having an extreme stomach ach near my sternum, and my sugar levels have been either extremely low or extremely high. I’ve started dropping weight again, the lighting is affecting me more and more with migraines, confusion, childish behavior, comprehension issues, numbness, arthritis pain, stiffness of mussels, mild fevers at times, etc. I can’t take it anymore:( I gave a family history of diabetics and thyroid disease, so does this mean, that I’ll end up with both associated with getting this.

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