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  1. Hans
    Hans November 10, 2009 at 3:20 pm | | Reply

    Most people including doctors seem to believe that the type2 diabetes slowly starts causing some damage, when it gets ripe for diagnosis. Statistics have been telling us all along that the assumption must be false, because 10-12 out of every 100 newly and in time diagnosed typ2s show the one or the other diabetic complication in full bloom, mostly arthereosclerosis. And Dr. DeFronzo tells us that the team of players in the typ2 process has been in action for years by the time the bg touches the old marks set for type2 diagnosis at a time in history, when a high bg was widely thought to be far less menacing for a type2, because he could run around with 500mg/dl instead of lying in an intensive care unit with ketoacidosis like the seriously ill and real diabetic typ1.

    Really healthy people wake up with around 60-80mg/dl 1 hour after a high glucose input their readings would be around 120-140 and back around 80mg/dl 1 hour later. And since the risk of developing diabetic complications seems to rise progressively with a rising bg curve I think it’s useful to limit one’s bg to the healthy frame right from the start. So instead of getting told by doctors that the bg is a little high but still far from diabetic when it starts looking above the healthy frame I would like to see Jenny’s advice handed out together with a meter and the first 50 sticks. The only medication prediabetics and early type2s need for a healthy bg and healthy lipids and a healthy bp.

  2. Scott K. Johnson
    Scott K. Johnson November 10, 2009 at 7:25 pm | | Reply

    Amy! Interviews? I LOVE it! What a great way to help get the word out.

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