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  1. Traci Wennerholm
    Traci Wennerholm August 28, 2009 at 11:14 am | | Reply


    Love your blog, but maybe you can help me understand what this whole controversy on Roche is all about in the first place. I’m rather new to the D-Blog world and keep seeing different posts against Roche, and others for Roche. I’m not sure what the whole Roche thing is about to begin with. A lot of the links confused me even more on what it was about. It just seems like this particular controversy has gone on for a loooong time.

    Whether you guys were paid or not to attend this convention doesn’t matter. Many readers don’t understand how much time, energy and effort it takes to blog. It’s a full time job just to get your name out there. And there isn’t much money behind it. I don’t think people understand that. My website costs me more than it brings in. It’s just been in the last month that it’s begun to payoff. What I have trouble understanding is the fact that all of us D-bloggers or D-websiters all have advertising or affiliations of some sort on our blogs. I post regularly on interesting websites I come across or cool products or a good read I find that I think might benefit parents who have diabetes. Most of the time I don’t get paid or compensated for my opinion. Other times I may to help offset the costs associated with running the site and the time that it takes me to write and continue doing what I’m doing. But I only write what I believe in and can stand behind. It’s up to the reader to look into and decide if something is right for them.

    So why the continual long drawn out controversy on Roche? Why has this whole Roche thing been singled out?


    Traci Wennerholm

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