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  1. Kevin McMahon
    Kevin McMahon December 24, 2008 at 9:25 pm | | Reply

    2008 was a big year indeed (as is every year). Diabetech is happy to report back on the fact that thanks to all of the data amassed since our first clinical trial in 2002, we have successfully negotiated our first health plan contract with a specific code that covers an expanded definition of what is required to encourage self-management.

    This is big news not only for my company but for all people with diabetes because this represents the first drop of water through the dam for coverage of advanced technologies used to encourage patients to change behaviors and thus improved outcomes. This includes CGM, GlucoMON and anything else that might be a helpful tool in the equation. 2009 promises to be a watershed year in which we see several more health plans providing financial support for programs that can demonstrate improved outcomes. The tools incorporated are secondary to the fact that patients enrolled in our healthcordia programs have better control than patients using the old version of diabetes care. The key to this of course is the ability to capture reliable and accurate data that shows how the advanced patient toolset is responsible for enabling these improved outcomes. To my knowledge, ADMS is the first technology platform of its kind to achieve this milestone. Hopefully 2009 will see expansion not only for coverage of ADMS technology and healthcordia programs but for other similar programs as well.

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