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  1. November 29, 2008 at 3:28 pm | | Reply

    My name is George D Whitehawk. I have had Diabetes Type 1 for 45 years and you are so right in your thoughts and structure in handling Diabetes. Diabetes will make sure you have Diabetic complications in the long run. There is no way to avoid this onset. How you Manage your Diabetes now will foretell Diabetic Complications in the long run and keep Diabetic Complications at ease. Blood Sugar level is the Key. Being in balance is Being Normal. Age is a Factor in so many unseen ways. Age makes you comfortable with your Diabetes. Being out of control only complicates the matter and makes being uncontroled a way of life. Keeping track of your Diabetes gives you a way back to what worked and what didn’t. Having this info to take to your Doctor is vital. Using this info to compare, puts you in control.

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