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"Mystery Carbs" Question of the Day

We like to think we've got a handle on this carb-counting thing. But the truth is, most of us have very little clue -- not least because nutrition labels on packaged products are so darn confusing. One of our beta testers over at the new community recently posted this query:
When I'm counting carbs I often read the "category" of carbs that are in the food I'm eating (i.e. Dietary Fiber, Sugar, Other Carbohydrates, etc.).…

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JDRF on Diabetes Design

Who's excited about our new YouTube-based Diabetes Design Challenge, launched yesterday? Ooh, me, me! And guess who else? The national advocacy group JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). I was delighted to have a talk earlier this week with two heads of their progressive Artificial Pancreas Project: research director Aaron Kowalski (interviewed here before) and head of new technology Cynthia Rice. Here's a synopsis of what they had to say, mostly in Aaron's words:


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