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Tarpal Cunnel Syndrome - Ouch

No, that's not my cat walking on the keyboard again, typing crazy things (although she does that often). It's me. My carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up again, and I'm hating it. Who would have thought a little cramping in your forearms could be so bad?
Even though I've spent most of my adult life typing like a maniac, I didn't actually get carpal tunnel until my 3rd pregnancy (when everything just seemed to fall…

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NEWS FLASH: Top Orgs Band Together for New "National Diabetes Goal"

At a briefing in Washington DC today, the American Diabetes Association announced a highly ambitious (or crazy?) new National Diabetes Goal: "By 2015, 45% of Americans who are at risk of getting diabetes will know their blood glucose level and know actions to take." If you do the math, that translates to getting about 59 million people screened and educated. By comparison, the data says that currently, only about 17% of Americans at risk --…

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Filling Your Glass

A lot of people write to me explaining how they sometimes feel so blindingly angry about having diabetes. They're just pissed off, and I can't blame them. Living with this thing is inconvenient and aggravating, to say the very least.
So I spent some time recently taking stock of what helps me the most when I just get down and out. There are lots small things that help the diabetes seem less daunting, and if…

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More Damaging Headlines: the FDA Disses Insulin Pumps

Another diabetes media blitz you won't believe. Check out "FDA study: Insulin pumps linked to injuries, deaths in teens," an Associated Press headline that's appearing all over God's creation today.
And I quote:
"The federal review of use by young people over a decade found 13 deaths and more than 1,500 injuries connected with the pumps. At times, the devices malfunctioned, but other times, teens were careless or took risks, the study authors wrote."

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Diabetes Diagnosis: The Musical (?)

The winner of this year's Bayer Dream Fund contest certainly has something new and different in mind. Wendy Coleman, a theater and speech professor at Albany State University in Georgia, will use her award to "compose and perform a play about managing life with diabetes," complete with song and dance numbers. The piece is called This is Our Story: Learning, Loving and Living Well with Diabetes, scheduled for a brief tour of five southern states…

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