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Mobile Health Stuff, Available Now

Future visions of mobile health tools are all very well and good, but what about RIGHT NOW? A couple of new gadgets/services you might like to know about:
* As of mid-March, consumer health information news agency MedTrackAlert is syndicating its health content to mobile phone users across the country via 4INFO, the leading text messaging service in the United States. This means that at least two million mobile phone users now have touch-button access…

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Infusion Site “Handles,” aka Diabetes Belly Love

Did you know that you get little rolls of “insulin fat” on your frequent insulin injection/infusion site spots? Yuck! Maybe I’m just naive, but I thought those little bulges developing on my otherwise-gratifyingly-flat stomach were just advancing age. Or too much cheese.
But my endo took one look at my tummy a few weeks ago, and said, “Those sites are overused! Can’t you see the damage? It’s plain as day.” She took out a ballpoint…

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All About LADA (Adults with Type 1)

Who here got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in their ’20s, ’30s, or even ’40s? If so, you are (like me), a victim of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA), once considered exceedingly rare but less and less so each year.
LADA is also referred to as “Slow Onset Type 1″ or sometimes “Type 1.5” diabetes. Note that lots of physicians are still unfamiliar with it (!)
Often, because of their age, patients with LADA…

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Local Heroes

I know there are many unsung diabetes heroes (and heroines) around the country — people who’ve devoted their lives to helping others with this potentially devastating disease. Two come to mind, leading the fight in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country.
First off, there’s Wil, a Type 1 himself who’s suffered from severe hypoglycemic awareness and an early D-blogger who’s now become the Diabetes Coordinator at the nonprofit Valley Medical Center. He…

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