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GlucoDay and the “Semi-Invasive” Dream

Who’s ever heard of the GlucoDay® S semi-invasive continuous glucose monitor?
I didn’t think so. I picked up a hint from a medblogger’s footnote. Then I found it described over at DiabetesMall, although the link to the product on the manufacturer’s site doesn’t seem to be working.
That manufacturer would be A.Menarini Diagnostics, Italy’s largest pharmaceutical R&D company, which released the GlucoDay across Europe a year ago (or two? — I’ve had no luck getting…

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Soul Singer Angie Stone Gives Diabetes FACE Time

Get ready for celebrity-with-diabetes interview number… heck, I don’t know, I lost count. But here goes:
“Neo-Soul” singer Angie Stone has been touring the country with her music for nearly 30 years. For eight of them, Type 2 diabetes has accompanied her. “Now it’s time to give back,” she says. Yesterday, she helped Eli Lilly & Co. launch the new nationwide Fearless African-Americans Connected and Empowered (F.A.C.E.) Diabetes campaign, which will consist of events in…

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Disability and Diabetes Revisited

The other day as I was filling out some forms –- checking off my gender and race -– I ran into that perennial question: Do you have any disabilities? My gut reaction is always an emphatic NO, but then I remember that delicate dilemma in our diabetic community about freedom from stigma and protection under the law.
I am reminded that advocates are working hard to pass legislation to update and refresh the Americans with…

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All About LADA (Adults with Type 1)

Today is a special day for the diabetes community, and hopefully for those around us to hear our voices and gain better understanding of our plight.

Honestly, I try to raise my voice to this challenge every day. But for that little something extra, today I’d like to extend a special welcome to all the LADAs of the world — a little-recognized or understood subgroup of our PWD community:
Who here got diagnosed with Type…

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Without pointing any fingers specifically, I would just like to say that the amount of packaging for most diabetes devices seems unnecessarily wasteful. So NOT GREEN. Check out the photo proof below:

My, what a pile.
I realize that a certain amount of cardboard, foam, and bubble wrap is required to ship the stuff without damage, but some of it just seems over the top. I know that other PWD consumers have noticed this as…

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